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Wormhole Pickups not registering


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Playing on version 1.0.7

After the tutorial galaxy at the wormhole, when getting the epic weapon and choice of 3 items (in my case 80 unobtainium, 100% digging and 100% elemental damage) I went with the 100% elemental damage but in the next galaxy I didn't receive any of the choice items but got the epic weapon.

Save file from C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Nimbatus\Nimbatus\Saves\Savefiles:  


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Hey there, thanks for submitting the report.

What you received was not a weapon upgrade, but a passively active perk that affects all of your weapons. You can check your perks by hovering over the icon of your captain in the upper left corner or by going to the upgrades-screen.

I can fully understand the confusion though, since you are playing researcher and there is a weapon upgrade that has the same description, maybe we'll need to clarify that in a future update ^^

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