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Patchnotes 1.0.8

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Dear Drone Engineers,

We just released the 1.0.8  hotfix to fix the main bugs you've reported over the weekend.


  • Added the possibility to import drones from files for the programmer captain
  • Programmer captain doesn’t receive useless mother ship upgrades as rewards anymore
  • Updated Credits


  • Fixed bug where no save files where shown, even after starting a new game
  • Fixed crash when flying on planets, was related to minimap memory usage
  • Fixed hull repair cost not updating correctly in sandbox mode
  • Fixed mothership upgrade rewards of lower level downgrading your upgrade level
  • Fixed hammerhead not spawning in “destroy hammerhead at core” mission
  • Fixed cryotank mission where the mission target would be the broken container instead of the tank. Also removed colliders of broken container.
  • Fixed being able to use more weapons than you actually have at weapon casino
  • Made boom-bug queens return to the planet if they fly too far away from the planet, so they don't get lost in space.

Stray Fawn Studio

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Small fix: The downloaded drones from the workshop should now be visible again, sorry!

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