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"Special" FuelTanks and Batteries (+ a Thruster)



So its a couple of (slightly crazy) ideas but they are all basically similar in function-ish:

- Fuel Generator: basically its a Fuel Tank that's probably 4X4 or maybe 2X3 or 4X6? (idk what it's size should be) and it recharges at a rate of maybe 64 or 96 but it uses power at a rate of maybe 20 or 30 or 40 to recharge, it could also possibly have a keybind option to turn on and off the Generator
- Power Generator: Same thing as Fuel Generator but reversed, maybe it could recharge at a rate of 50 or 80 and use fuel at a rate of 16 or 24 or 32?

- Hydro Thruster: the Hydro Thruster (please excuse the "possibly" dumb name) is basically like a normal thruster except it uses Power instead of Fuel, I know the Researcher has that perk that causes all Thrusters to use Power instead of Fuel, but other then that, the Hydro Thruster could be pretty neat to have, maybe it has the same strength/thrust as a Normal Thruster? or maybe it can be adjusted (like a Dynamic Thruster) and Increasing Thrust will increase the amount of Power it uses?

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For the generators I was thinking small, maybe 1x2 (because size matters) and just fill at a ratio of 5 energy : 8 fuel (spatially required, otherwise one system would be preferred over the other), maximum 50 energy/80 fuel used per second. This could be on a keybind, so that fuel and energy is not always being exchanged.

Also, maybe instead of JUST a single Ion Jet (the oversimplified real life concept is this: it uses fuel, but at a negligible rate and requires energy, basically your "hydro thruster" concept), have the current thrusters be moved to fuel and add energy-powered equivalents, or the small ion jet (10/2.5)*, medium ion jet(30/5), VTOL ion jet (10/5), Jump Drive(Jump thruster) (40/3.75), dynamic ion jet (0~30/0~5), and warp drive (afterburner) (150/50) into the energy tab. The code is already there, and can easily be copied and pasted with new assets made for them and fuel use changed to energy use.

*(x/y) basically means a thrust force of x and a usage of y energy per second.

Also, Hydro thruster is dumb and ridiculous, because hydro makes me think of water. Water thruster? No. You meant Energy thruster, or ergo thruster.

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