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Multi-Part templates to use parts in another drone



Add the possibility to store a sub-tree of a drone as a template you can reuse in another drone.
Here is how it could work:

  • Select a drone part
  • Click on a button to create a template of this part and all its child parts 
  • Window pops-up where you can enter a Name and Description for the template
  • Templates are stored locally and not directly with the drone
  • You can drag and drop templates into the editor like you would with drone parts

Excuse the bad MS-paint mockup :P



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It reminds me of a game I used to play a lot called Simple Planes. In that game you could make "subassemblies" and then save and load them to different creations. However, I do think it would be somewhat difficult to decide whether they should be saved globally or locally to certain saves.

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