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the road to sell more copy and become the masterpeace

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dear stray fawn team listen well 

you should try to make people use steam and other community  more than ur own website i checked update post on steam there was real low discussion about game there  thats a problem  use all the free tools the publisher give u  
adding a feature  that  cracked game become broken
there is a lots of people i know that download the pirate version  ( dont have money etc )
but if u guys adding a feature  that  only work in the original version that gonna change everything
my country is iran and this is real pain to find steam giftcards here , and due the title of lowest currency in the world i can see why some people just go for cracked versions  in the single-player games  ,  some games cant never be cracked or try to cheat in , u must change the multiplayer into that add a open world adventure co-op  mod that doesn't work local dont allow the pirate version  have all the game  try to add mods and use steam workshop more bic if any one use pirate version cant use that part of the game and eventfully they must buy the game do not make offer more than 20 %  if u want to promote keep update the game and one a year add free dlc sell T-shirt mug i will like to have t shirt of this game 
in the end adding a system that will allow players getting reward by playing only in the original copy of the game  like what  dontstarve together do  people can use the skins in the cracked local versions try to do the good stuff  being good always pays off

Nice people make more money! How? According to research from Rutgers University, each 2% increase in the cheerfulness of an organization's employees leads to a 1% increase in profit.

keep the good work  
if others have the same idea like me , lets talk about it in 
since i just came in this forum  bic i like the game and hardworking people behind it  

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