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22 minutes ago, Dragonkid9 said:

Fool, Axle alone has the whole of the darkforest and every cat who would break the Warrior code for their own benifit allied with him. As Tigerstar once said, "The dark forest is larger than anyone could ever know." (something like that) Flower'star now a leader in the Dark forest, practicly took over the whole forest of liveing cats. That alone could overpower you. And yet, I only just barely scratched the surface of my power, with those animus dragon I have (only about 4 but still) I could crush you like a tin can. And I do more than bark, I am the Ultima werewolf, my power is a thousondfold of yours. All spirits of the wolves have chosen me and my power spans many universes. From D&D to WoF My pows will increse and grow As time goes on. As and Ultima I already have an heir shal I somehow fail and she can take over my work for me crushing you when you least expect it!  I don't bark at children but those at my own age, at times terrifying them. I can't even complete this else it woudld take years to fully illistate my power.


(also are we just jokeing around or what? I can't tell)

yes we are joking o-o 

im legit scared that you typed all that

my brain is literally  the size of a cell and i have no clue what you just said

whats all this warriors stuff? isnt this a WoF topic thing?

im so tireddddddddddd

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so i made a fantribe called Fablewings

heres sum info or somthin


fablewings are smaller dragons, about the size of a large elephant. they have long, spearlike horns on their head, feathered bird wings, and plumes of fluff on their tails. its quite uncommon, but sometimes fablewings grow one extra horn on their head, similar to a unicorn. they have fluffy manes along their spine. they have light, pearlescent scales.



Common colors: pink, peach, light yellow, pale green, baby blue, periwinkle, and lilac.

Rare colors: muted reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos, or purples. theses colors often look metallic.

Legendary colors: black, grey, brown, and pure white. these also seem metallic.



Fablewings are often named after mythical creatures: Griffin, Unicorn, Wyvern, Kraken etc...



Healing, regeneration, stuff.


legendary powers: mindreading, this thing called magicscales (the dragon can absorb the power of the elements around them, only three of these ones exist)


please dont steal or edit this without my permission



Untitled horn.png

Untitled (1).png

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