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burghley deltarune

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7 hours ago, MangotheRainwing_1 said:

Outline them with sharpie to get a better see

I don’t really like outlines with sharpie cuz they bleed and I usually prefer light pencil, I finishes the RainWing tho so you can see (unless you don’t have eyeballs)


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6 minutes ago, Dragonkid9 said:

can someone make a leaf/ice hybrid base? I was just watching the dragonsheep hybrid challange and now I want to make a dragon named Windago because Reasons and I have no base as of now. I will be serching the internet as well.

Sure! Do you want a head shot, full body, or full body thats posed

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New LeafWing OC! 

Name: Begonia

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Backstory: When she was 7, Begonia hasn't had the most interesting life when she lived in the SapWings group of LeafWings. To her personally, SapWings seemed to never have any experience fighting or actually doing anything fun or exciting because it was all too dangerous and risky to leave the village into a forest full of plants and animals that could kill her. One day, when she was carrying her harvest from a garden home, she overheard about a group of LeafWings talking about PoisonWings. Begonia went to find the Poison wings (which took her weeks due to having to escape many plants). The PoisonWings found her with a little baby dragontrap latched onto her ankle and helped her out. When Begonia was taken to the village, everyone there knew she wasn't from here and was from the SapWings, but when she explained her problem to Belladonna, she was impressed by Begonia's spirit and had different PoisonWings show her the ropes to the forest, teaching her about the dangerous plants of the forest and how to avoid being caught, eaten, stuck, or tricked by them. Some other PoisonWings taught her about edible fruits and vegetables, teaching Begonia which ones were safe or not. Then some hunters would take her on hunting parties to teach her how to fight and hunt different animals. All this training took up to 6 years, and when Begonia was taught everything about the forest, she told Belladonna she would go back to her part of the LeafWing tribe and teach them about everything they'd taught her. Everyone was shocked to see Begonia had returned, and Queen Sequoia wanted to know why she had left. When Begonia explained her past 6 years, Queen Sequoia made her the first teacher for guiding all the SapWings about the jungle. To this day, she still lives, but she isn't the only teacher. 

Personality: Since her return, Begonia has picked up the same stubborn and violent attitude that the PoisonWings had. She's a very strict teacher towards dragonets. When a dragonet does even the stupidest thing (like approaching a dragontrap and attempting to touch it), She'll go off on a rant about how many things would have gone wrong. Begonia is not only strict, but she has respect and loyalty to those who are a higher rank of are her friends. 


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