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14 minutes ago, Whirlpool the seawing said:

quesion. are we allowed to add our own bases??

and heres glitchy boi [made with peregrincilla's alt hivewing base]:

baby beetlewing (1).png

I think that’s the wrong fandom,,

Who even,,????

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Home: The Bowl, a large cavern with boiling water filled to the brim, under the ground, near the core of the planet.

Abilities: they can tolerate extreme temperatures , breath water, fit into small holes, and eat literally anything.

Looks: long skinny bodies with no spines along the back, or webs, younger ones are the size of a house cat and the oldest ones are the size of an average pony, the scales on their bodies are smooth and are usually pastel colors, and only one color per dragon, ranging in all sorts of patterns, at the age of 25 years they are set into a chamber where the fall into a 5 day sleep, growing their wings, they are able to skip this process if they wish, and not grow their wings till desired.

Naming: The names range from different kinds of pastas, to small food or objects that match their color. (mine is named noodle) 

(if you have more questions you can dm me)


noodle (1).png

nooodle (1).png

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