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I have noticed sounds often stack and often stop and break or just stop emitting from weapons and parts if there are many sounds playing.


Often with bee hives the bees sounds will just stack and if there are many of them it seems like the game has a limit of sounds played at once and will not play part sounds.

Same with pirates in the test room, it got so bad a few times even the music started freaking out (going on and off).

This goes for parts as well , when I have many beams drills and jets and stuff emitting sounds some times some of them will just stop and wont work for the rest of the mission.


I bet this could be fixed by removing sound stacking from all the small enemies and parts, we don't need to hear 8 bees at once its kind of annoying too. Meaning if a sound is played the same sound cant be played on top of it.

With parts , they should not stack sounds as they will only prevent other parts from emitting sounds but I think maybe separate drone entities should be able to each have their own sounds respectively as one could be on one side of the screen and it would be a shame if we could not hear the parts emitting from multiple drones, however I do not know if it would be viable because having detached parts spam sounds would still bug the sounds, that and drones armies lol.

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