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Patchnotes 1.0.9


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Dear Drone Engineers,

We just released the 1.0.9  patch to fix some of the newly reported bugs.


  • Fixed bug where survival tutorial prompts you to build a drone even though you’ve already built one
  • Fixed bug where survival tutorial tells you your drone uses too many parts when you’ve deleted it
  • Fixed audio bug with resource tank that caused lag 
  • Fixed timezone related crashes
  • Fixed that the Launch Button for downloaded drones was not aligned with the screen height
  • Fixed increased battery recharge effect breaking
  • Fixed printing of motorized hinges and flippers
  • Fixed sound of motorized hinges and pistons
  • Fixed death wall in versus races breaking when waiting after race has ended
  • Fixed UI when browsing steam drones and nothing is selected
  • Fixed download screen when downloading a drone from steam
  • Fixed bug where sensors targeting “next waypoint” would stop working after a while when going in reverse on a race track
  • Fixed bug where “Reset Galaxy” after dying in sandbox didn’t work

We already have over 100 new ideas and suggestions for the next update!
Please keep upvoting and adding new suggestions in our forum for the next update:

Stray Fawn Studio

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