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Floo's Journey - One Nichleing Finding his Purpose


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2 minutes ago, Applesauce said:

A young boy sits on an island


He is all alone with no friends of family to guide him


Just him and his thoughts



aAAaaAaAa he's so precious 

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1 minute ago, Applesauce said:

After leaving the tree, Floo crosses paths with a rock. 


He must be careful not to disturb it.


Crisis averted.


he’s so innocent  🥺

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The next day Floo goes through puberty and becomes a man. He is very confused though because no one has ever informed him of this puberty thing.


Looking around, unsure of what to do next, he starts to stink.

 'Guess this is a part of puberty' He thinks to himself

Luckily, not far away, Floo spots a little cove he can wash off in.

(He blinks in photo. This is what happens when you have stinky nicheling)


Sweet relief at last.


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A smell comes from the North, one of tall trees and rich fruits, but also of death and danger. Despite the red flags, it attracts the young nicheling and he must know where it comes from.


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So many nuts to eat, but little Floo can not fall for temptation. He has a jounry he must complete and not even food can slow him down. 


Later that day he find a soft nest to snuggle down in for the night.


Sleepy boi.


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Ah, finally, the port. Tomorrow he will travel to a new land.


Where does the port lead too? A rich paradise bursting with food, or a dark island, sickened with monsters. 

Could this be where he finds the love of his life?

Will there be food?

Tune  in next time to see if Floo will survive the jungle.

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A long trip it was, but Floo finally sets his paws on new island. 


He looks from side to side. 

'Nothing super fancy' He says, disappointed. 


It doesn't look like much at first, but in the distance Floo sees giant red trees, towering above the grasses.

'Now that's some fancy stuff' He says as he has never seen jungle trees and is easily impressed.


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With nothing else to do and it being the only option Floo starts to make his way through the jungle reeds.


He curls up in the grasses for his first night on the island.


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When he wakes up the next morning, Floo finds himself hot and sweaty (if nichelings can even be sweaty). He stretches. Normally he likes to sit in the sun for hours, but this is pure torture. Is there any shade on this island? Well over the grasses and a few nights away is a tree and under it sweet cool shade. That is where he decides to go.


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