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Testing KOTT (King Of The Tribe)

Rekasi The Nicheling

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In Game Rules and info:


 A Ruler Must Designate Mates

~ Nichelings get mates assigned on the 5th turn of their life at a stump

~  A Ruler must have a House ( A nest under a tree or in a tree Unless there are none, then a perm nest )

~ All Nichelings apart from the king needs at least a bush

~ After the First king dies find the heir with the most of a skill you need ( Speed, Strength, Etc )

Baby: 5 Child: 10 Teen: 15 Adult: 40

( Start of adulthood is day 30 )




1 Lead Male/King  , 1 Main Female/Queen

Middle Class


Berry Harvester

Winged ( Nichelings with wings are favored and warn if enemies )

Low Class

Explorer ( Fast boi or Gorl only there to remove grass & stuff )

Orphan Care-taker ( often ugly or crippled )


I'll post the adventure in the comments!

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