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  2. I know, but it may confuse those who are watching on youtube
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  4. Huh, I just did a quick google search on cyarin, and this is what I got. Unless AspenWhisper is cyarin? Unlikely though.
  5. Why is my state there if it’s #44 on usnews.com’s list?! (Nevada)
  6. Name:Raisana Gender:Female Goddess of War Cause of death:Burnt in a fire, saving her brother Toffee Bio:Raisana was born mush earlier than my other god Toffee. She was a really adventurous and brave pup. She loved water wery much, and she even could breath underwater, because she had gills! Raisana spent long time swimming in the sea. When her brother born, she protected him from other puppies bullying him. They were safe before one day... One day there was a fire on Toffee and Raisana's Home island. Everything was burning. Raisana saved her brother but she died... Now Raisana is with her brother, protecting nichelings from dangers. And she's happy with Toffee.
  7. I don't want to accuse anybody, but? This is the artist that @AspenWhisper is stealing art from, as far as I'm aware. You can see the watermark (attached below) on the art that @AspenWhisper posted.
  8. that might confuse new and old players alike as they may think blind nichelings cannot move
  9. (Okay then I'm going to sleep.)
  10. (Should I go to sleep? It's 3:25 AM.)
  11. "I'm kidding. Some of the creatures in my tribe were ridiculously strong with armored body, so we ate a lot of predators. Eating Defender bears and Peaceful bears wasn't uncommon."
  12. “Nice my cousin could crack them open.. “Wait hold up what?”
  13. Seao looked at sienna making sure she was ok. “ what’s your favorite food mines clown koi w-when I was alive my mom would always have it for dinner with my cousin sister and I.”
  14. She hit him on the nose with her paw, rolling over onto her back as the sun warmed her.
  15. (A page of two Nichelings playing in water.)
  16. "Sure. I've got nothing better to do."
  17. “Hah fair point you almost got me but not quite.” He purred smugly
  18. “Hey Renneri wanna talk y’all?”
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