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  3. Also, any dark apparel that isn’t taken would be appreciated
  4. If all the purple birdskulls apparel and the brown monkey familiar, can I have them?
  5. I'm curious about the cool down timers. IS this something that is just to bring it in line with other mobile games? I send my guys off and then have to wait before I can do something else.
  6. Could I have the two renaming scrolls and 59101284 please?
  7. Can I have the berserker (the first battle stone) and the crystalspine gem guardian (bottom left fam) ?
  8. The familiar I want is the 2nd My username is Impy7
  9. @mhiahia Im glad you like the boar tusks! 😊 No, there is no random chance that they won't bing home food. They just won't bring food back if they haven't met the requirements or they get hurt (or any other status effect next to being tired (the zzz)). Did the frozen Nicheling ever recover again or did you have to heal it manually?
  10. Impy10

    Title/PFP art

    If you don't know what this is, I don't blame you What I will do is draw you're profile pic, but I will also implement your username in the picture To get me to draw, just reply to this post and I'll do it! -Impy
  11. @Skysplash8 Said Nicheling was probably the only one of it's gender. You can't send away your last female or male, since you wouldn't be able to breed anymore. But this isnt' communicated properly yet ^^
  12. @wikipedia (angel) Hm, that's really odd. I've added it to the bugs list, thanks for reporting
  13. Since I will no longer be playing FR, I am giving away most of my stuff and dragons (I can't bring myself to get rid of Elliot, Jemma or Deke, sorry). You may pick and have whatever and however many you'd like (make sure you leave some stuff for the next person though, unless there's only a few things left). If multiple people want the same thing, the person who requested it first will receive it. if you want Terenth, please take his aviator helmet too, it looks so cute on him I will send 50g and 15,000t (yes I have that much treasure, I sold all my items other than the ones listed below) to each person with their items and/or dragons. the dragons (you can't pick any from the 'favorites' tab): https://www1.flightrising.com/lair/489543/1632970?name=&type=undefined the battle stones: the apparel: specialty: familiars: good luck—both on getting stuff you want, and in breeding your own dragons!
  14. My friend suggested I make a niche zombie apocalypse playthrough when I asked her a story idea, so here we go! We start with a small tribe of nichelings who seem to have not been affected by a zombie virus that has been running rampant through the wild. These survivors have banded together in a desperate need to survive and will have to work together if they want to see this virus through and live to ensure nicheling survival in the future. The zombies in this game will be the predators- bearyenas, apes, and the like. However, I will be going entirely into blind gene mode, so I won't be able to see what immunity a nicheling has. If a nicheling is born without immunity, it will be considered born with the zombie infection and will have to be killed off by console. Any nicheling that gets sick via transmission from a wild nicheling will have to roll a random generator to see if they have the zombie virus or if it's just an illness. Even if they are not infected with the zombie virus, they will be quarantined and likely shunned for a while by the rest of the tribe. Similar to Left 4 Dead, we start with a party of four. Here's the settings, before we start. We're starting simple with Tiny Green because I'm out of practice and a wimp. Our starting party consists of, from left to right, Galileo, Amy, Ruby, and Poppet. Before the apocalypse, Galileo was never big on any sort of action, fighting, or proving his strength. To be honest, he's still getting used to this whole survivalist thing. Oh, to be back in his home tribe, lounging in the sun with his friends and having some sort of sophisticated discussion! Despite being the man of the tribe and the oldest of all the tribe nichelings, he's much more of a follower. By contrast, the youngest of the tribe is Amy. Niece of Galileo, she thought it would be a smart idea to stick with him during the outbreak due to his quick wit. She is one of the calmer members of the tribe, and doesn't mind a bit of a challenge. She's a natural leader. However, she has some hidden insecurities and doesn't see leading qualities within herself, often keeping quiet and feeling inferior due to being much younger than her tribe mates. Ruby is a middle-aged nicheling. However, this doesn't stop her from reaching out to Amy, who reminds her of herself when she was her age. They are much alike, and spend a lot of time talking. She often nudges Amy to speak up for herself and help make decisions in the tribe, since it will be her turn to be leader when the older tribe members can't lead anymore. Finally is Poppet, another middle-aged she-nicheling. She is relaxed and seems to be the least worried about the outbreak, saying as long as the tribe sticks together they'll be fine. She has an attraction to Galileo, who is around her age. The tribe begins their mission of survival together, spending their first days gathering food and nest material like mad. Poppet uses this settling in as an opportunity to talk to Galileo. Galileo, who was clueless that she even liked him, happily agrees to become mates with the pretty female. It is later announced that the two will have a child. Amy is interested in a cousin who she can possibly relate to, but focuses on her work in the meantime. The couple has an interesting looking child. It is a female, to Amy's delight, and luckily seems to have been born healthy. They name her Enigma. "Enigma?" Amy asks, flattening her ears in confusion. "I think it's a thought provoking name," purrs Galileo. "She's rather unique." Enigma is a quirky, creative child, growing up very close to her father. Enigma grows into a teenager, still sticking close to her father. Galileo introduces her to Amy, however, in hopes that she will branch out and make new friends. It's a rather tense start for the two of them because neither are used to interacting with younger nichelings, but eventually it gets a bit better- Amy just tries to speak to her in the same way she speaks to Galileo, and it eventually goes through to Enigma, who begins to rather enjoy her company. To the tribe's delight, a new male joins. He has jet black fur and piercing green eyes. Ruby nudges Amy. "Why don't you go talk to him?" she purrs. "He's rather handsome, you know." Amy grimaces and inches towards the tall, intimidating male. She clears tall grass as she speaks to keep her paws busy. "And what would your name be?" she asks. To her suprise, the male tenses up nervously- his ears flatten, and the thorny fur on his back raises with seemingly a flustered aura. "I'm Thunder," he says nervously. Amy can't help but want to laugh. A big, strong, intimidating nicheling with a deep voice named Thunder speaks with such a mild tone. Perhaps he isn't so intimidating after all. "I'm Amy," she says, flashing her fangs briefly for a polite grin. The two become rather decent friends. "Why not ask him to be mates?" nudges Ruby. "It'd be a snowy day in the desert before I'd do that," laughs Amy. "He's not my type in that way."
  15. it's even more ironic when you realise he's the god of lust
  16. i think i've mentioned this before but i find it hilarious that 90% of the time when i post tanu somebody, somewhere, will react with
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