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Suggestions closed!

Started by Philo

Community Voting Rules - Please read before making suggestions!

Started by Philo

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Voting open!

Started by Philo

Entity Idea + Game Mode Ideas + Gem Color Ideas

Started by Pokestardragacraft

Seasons and food appropriate for them

Started by TheAnimalLover

Creature Biography

Started by Ancestor Nature

Cave Biome

Started by Revenant

Genes, Elders, Bird Events, Breeding Season, and Carrying Baby Nichelings

Started by DragonRyderRed

Game Update Idea: 1-3 day Pregnancy and a small lifespan addition

Started by SpiritGB

Update the Game Objective

Started by Robb Plat

Feral Females

Started by Niche fan

Wings and Other Flying Related Genes Suggestions (w/ Concept Art)

Started by betwixted

Update Comprehensive Information for New Players

Started by Robb Plat

Family Tree Improvements

Started by Ancestor Nature

Naming System Update

Started by Revenant

Egg laying creatures and other reptile like features

Started by Buttonkitty

Poisonous snakes

Started by Buttonkitty

Hybrid Suggestions

Started by Redknight910

Better underwater worlds

Started by Minimanta

Parravens: Smart, befriendable/enragable birds.

Started by Dun(ce) Crow « 1 2 3 »