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Brienno, A short tale
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Brienno, A short tale
Brienno is a nicheling born on top of a mountain, in a snowy day, from the proud parents, Liouka, and Kyro. When he was born, he was surrounded by Mammut foot, armored bodied, Hammer tailed, Saber Tooth Fanged/Digging Trunked Nichelings. Theu were celebrating for the birth of the son of the two alphas, Like confetti, they threw leaves and dodomingo feather on top of the baby, making him messy. He had all of the pre-historic genes, including his bulky saber tooth fangs. As days were passing by, he grew stronger and stronger. Until he got his first gem. He started playing around with the other royal young nichelings in the snow, and throwing snowballs at them.  Many weeks later, he became a handsome teen with those antlers. In hopes of finding a future mate, He started to show his antlers and fangs to his fellow cousins, but they were creeped out and left. He really bad wanted to have a royal mate, not some crazy beta or omega. Until one day, he spotted a his age collecting some food. She was a beautifl Melanistic creature, with big body, poison fangs, and a pair of ram horns and claws. Her name was Minnaka.
So he offered her a few acorns and berries to join the tribe. As soon as she saw him and the food, she agreed. Everyday they got closer and closer. Until the day they both became adults! Now with his new mate, he realised, maybe omegas and beta creatures aren't that bad... So, after a few months, it was breeding season. He and his mate are preparing for their future. Brienno was nervous that his baby might be bullied or something...But then, both bred! Many years passed, and many sons and daughters were born. After his last son was born, both of them passed away peacefully under the same place they met, as everybody witnessed with sorrow.
The end.

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