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1.0.2 Patchnotes
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1.0.2 Patchnotes
Hey Pack :)

We just updated the game to version 1.0.2 on Steam (GoG will be updated later) containing the following fixes:

-  Fix for Linux players that either had a blackscreen or were unable to move the mouse when playing fullscreen.
-  Seers of the Sea achievement fixed
-  Erose achievement fixed
-  Natural Selector achievement fixed (Unlock all genes)
-  No more goldleeches on the first two islands for an easier tutorial
-  Blue Birds fly a little higher
-  The grass gets 50% more transparent when a nicheling is on the field
-  Some minor translation issues fixed

Known Problems
We are currently analyzing the following problems and hope to fix them soon:
-  Menu background and UI-blur is pixelated or invisble for some people using linux
-  Large tribes cause the game to crash and making the savegame unloadable (80-100 living Animals)
-  Burning Savannah often leads to crashes.
-  Rare crashes when first collecting a berry
-  Globetrotter and Homecoming achievements are awarded too early
-  Achievements sometimes won't unlock when playing in a different language than english

In order to allowing you to play with larger tribes (more than 100 animals) we will create a 64Bit version of the game as soon as possible. This allows people with more than 4GB memory to play with even larger tribes.

Additionally we are working on a setting to reduce or increase the texture size for the patterns. This setting should also allow people with only 4GB of ram to play with larger tribes :)
And players with enough memory will be able to further increase the pattern quality for better looking Nichelings!

Thank you for all the detailed bugreports we've received this week!
We will continue to do bugfixing the next two weeks, so please report all the bugs you can find  :D

After we've fixed most of the critical bugs we will continue to work on new features and improve the tutorial :)

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