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Greetings !
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Greetings !
Hello there, everyone ! I am 133... As it says. To the left.

*ahem* Anyways, uh, yeah, so, hi. I'm just a guy with too much time right now, freshman in college going to double major in game design and game programming ( :D ) and.. yea. That's really about it.

One day I was on steam and had $12.59 left over from christmas gifts. Decided to go look at the store and saw this recommendation for a game called "Niche" that I never heard about before. Normally I wouldn't care, but there were hexagons in the preview images. Everybody loves hexagons, right? After just playing Spore literally an hour beforehand, I was very interested in the theme of the game and picked it up right away. By selling all my trading cards and cs:go skins. Because I wanted cute ram-horned platypi cat-bears on hexagons instead of a slightly blue variant of a handgun. I'm joining these forums on my second day of owning the game, with 8 hours of playtime. :3

In my off time, at least before getting Niche, I had a tendency to make community maps for Team Fortress 2- in specific, for DISC-FF's Slender Fortress servers- as well as help create some of their custom enemies on the server. Now it'll probably be the same, although trying to fit in taking care of, and taking part in an ever-growing tribe. Happy to be here ! :)
To think I got 133 food on my first save file at one point... huh...

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