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Things that surely should be added soon
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Things that surely should be added soon
-1v1 Arena with enemy matching based on your ranking and eventually parts amount in your drone to avoid too big differences. Parts limit for 1v1 arena should be at minimum 130
-Hunger games - FFA arena with over 10 players, with about 500 gem entry fee, and more gems and weapons as prizes for longer survival
-Community shop where you can share any of your projects for 100x[parts amount] (or 70x[parts]+500) (to avoid spamming useless projects) gems and set any price so people can buy the project. Bought projects would be avalible to choose from separated list, will not be able to be edited, cloned, or reposted to avoid project stealing
-Race with least 20 different tracks where you can't use weapons, but need to prepare special drone to be as fast as possible, probably entry fee too
-Connecting a part to more than one other will give people a chance at making more complex projects
-Wheels, legs, wings and other different parts could be added (pararelly with bigger planets with bigger air resistance and gravity)
-Team deathmatch - people team in 2+ teams while friendly fire is off and you know how it works
-Camouflages, so enemy cant see parts in the middle of your drone before they destrou outer parts
-Expensive place to customise your weapon and add different perks to them as few combinations may be very powerful
Still have few ideas but gtg so gonna add more ideas later
-Paint so you can make your drone look cooler
-Co-op drones, being possible to make more complex drones, that can be controlled by 2+ players,for example one will do steering, other mining and attack, and another one will manage dynamic thrusters and similiar stuff. It may be hard to implement and not get popular, but its just an idea
-Little camera, so if you detach a part by decoulper you can place a camera on it so in little window in corner you can see what it actually does
-Pistons - it's pretty much self explaining
-Motorized hinges edges, so you can eventually set maximal value to rotate in each direction
-Stamps (see: -Paint), being able to paste little stamps on your projects, for example its name or your logo
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