Stray Fawn Studio is a ten person indie game studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. The company focuses on developing their own projects which are often situated in the simulation game genre. Procedural content generation and the simulation of living worlds form the core of the studio’s creations. Stray Fawn was founded by Micha Stettler, a space enthusiastic software engineer and Philomena Schwab, a biology loving game designer.


Stray Fawn was founded by Micha Stettler, a space-enthusiastic software engineer and Philomena Schwab, a biology-loving game designer in 2016. They met at a local game event, both presenting their individual hobby projects. Both Philomena and Micha were very impressed by each other's projects and so they made a deal: Finish both projects together and then keep working on new games as a team. This team has now grown to 10 members, working on a variety of projects for different platforms.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominee BIG Festival, Best Educational or Learning Game Award" -
  • "Winner (Silver) Best of Quo Vadis" -
  • "Winner GDC 2018 Best In Play" -
  • "Winner GDC 2018 Best Pitch" -
  • "Winner Pro Helvetia Call for Projects" -
  • "Winner Tencent Innovation Competition" -
  • "Winner Reboot Best Game Design" -
  • "Raised $75’000 on Kickstarter (Nimbatus)" -
  • "Raised $72’000 on Kickstarter (Niche)" -

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Philomena Schwab
Game Design, Marketing Lead

Micha Stettler
Programming Lead

Markus Rosse
Tech-Art, Animation, Game Design

Roger Winzeler
Tech-Art, Art

Arno Justus
Programming, Game Design

Claudio Beck
Sound Design, Music

Stephanie Stutz

Larissa Wild
Art, Game Design, Marketing, Social Media

Naemi Matter

David Stettler
Tool/Web Developer, QA

José Mora-Jiménez

Severin Walker

Max Striebel
Programming, Game Design

Annika Rueegsegger
Art, Game Design

Leander Schneeberger
Programming, Game Design

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