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  1. 1 hour ago, Merrydiano said:

    Day/Month 0, start of research


    Our team's goal is to learn about one of the species native to the exoplanet Diana-4 known as Dianae Felivulpes, of which we have raised two specimens in captivity from a young age (001 was taken in as a cub while 002 was already a juvenile when found). The pair, nicknamed “Adam” and “Eve” respectively, have recently been released into the wild. They are roughly twenty five Diana-4 days old (or two solar years).



    001 (Adam) and 002 (Eve) after arriving at their new location


    Our hope is that they can adapt to their natural environment despite captivity, allowing us a closer look at this intriguing alien species so similar to Earth’s own.

    The pair have taken their “banishment” from Outpost Apollo rather well and have just been brought to a relatively peaceful location. We look forward to their next actions.



    -Dr. Emilio Albrecht, head of project


  2. whoa.....................................

    I am very excited for this brainstorming session, even if it never even exists, it may be fun to see what we come up with!!!

    Personally I think 1. modded genes would be interesting, the ability to add genetics to the game in order to make it how players want to. 2. multiplayer seems complex, but maybe could be cool?

    3. this is a big one I was thinking about. The gradual evolution of genes. The ability to get bigger and smaller over time, to actually go through processes. I would love to be able to see my nichelings interact like actual creatures, have children that aren't just either or but mix genes.

    I'll have more eventually

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