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  2. BlazingCorvid

    Blind Nichlings and movement

    I really like this idea, and I feel like it is well balanced since being blind is a harmful gene, so using up an action to touch or hear before they can do anything makes sense.
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  4. Micha

    creating weapon bug

    Yes this should be fixed with the last patch
  5. Micha

    Hammerhead Shoal don't aggro for detached drones

    Mhh this should not happen 🤔 Ill try to reproduce it. Even if they dont have a target they should roam around
  6. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    creating weapon bug

    Waaaait.... Has the patch fixing this already been released? I can't seem to reproduce it any more.
  7. DethLazrs4Lyfe

    creating weapon bug

    So I had this bug, too. It seems like any new weapon is overwritten by the previously created weapon. If you go to your new weapon, copy it, and then delete the first copy, it will work properly. That's the workaround I will be using until the patch goes live.
  8. I've been playing around with a "carrier" style drone for a while, and I've found that hammerhead shoal don't seem to notice to my sub-drones. I can literally run into them, shoot them point-blank, spin around them, and they just float there.
  9. Fishyfishyfishy500

    Blind Nichlings and movement

    cool, I like this because blind creatures are FRIGGIN USELESS as of now
  10. Micha

    Snow/Back To The Future Bug

    I moved it over to Niche
  11. MemoryTheNicheling

    Snow/Back To The Future Bug

    Whoops! Well, alright. I mostly write stories, its not much of my concern that I have three acheivements that I didn't really work to earn. @Pokestardragacraft So I will ask a dev to reset my acheivements. Thank you!
  12. Pokestardragacraft

    Snow/Back To The Future Bug

    Hi @MemoryTheNicheling! Welcome to the forums! This is the wrong bug forum. This is for Niche and ison Nimbatus. Don’t worry about it, it happens all the time. Anyways, console controls are not an actual part of the game and will not be fixed. It’s also always important to back up your save files just in case anything is game breaking. For the achievements, you can contact the devs to ask them to reset all achievements if you’d like. This is the only way, however.
  13. MemoryTheNicheling


    So, ahem, Sturin is Norwegian for Somber, should I have remembered correctly.
  14. MemoryTheNicheling

    World of the Dead

    Freaking. Perfect. Idea. I wanted a death world for a long time, this would be amazing to me. Maybe this could also come with a PG 13 cheat that enables this so no kiddies will get freaked out by this?
  15. MemoryTheNicheling

    Creature Creator/Breeder Mode

    Y e s. This idea is p e r f e c t.
  16. FlyingPanda

    Leech Tail

    With Leech Tail I think the parasite ( Leech ) will not be able to attach itself to Nichlings with Leech Tail. And when you kill it instead of dropping one leech it drops two!. And i think its appearance should be a long thin tail like the fishing tail but instead of bait on the end their is a Leech the exact color of one too. Any other suggestions to help this become a real gene.
  17. MemoryTheNicheling

    Snow/Back To The Future Bug

    Hi, I am MemoryTheNicheling. I found a bug where if you try to set the weather to Snow via Console Commands, it jumps you far into the future (and claims it rained alot.) Please fix this bug. I got three unfairly acheived steam achievements because of this glitch. It only happened once, so I only have one screenshot of such a phenomena, but I assure you, it did happen. If you are wondering how I managed to find this bug, I was using a save file to test out various console commands to the game. This is my screenshot below. I did not catch the raining bit in it. And I only had three animals in my tribe at that point. I currently have ten, so its not very accurate as to where my tribe is now.
  18. MagicShadow101

    Rogue Females / Lonely Ladies

    omg what if there was an island that had rogue females as a hard island or a medium island but no rogue males
  19. MagicShadow101

    rogue females?

    thanks for the link didn't think someone had the same idea as me if we put our minds to it we could have something like this in niche
  20. Yesterday
  21. PopsicleNinja

    Bushfire Season

    Meanwhile, it’s summer in America, and it’s definitely not fire season in my niche world. I rarely see more than three fires at a time, and almost all of the fires I’ve seen have spread two or three tiles before extinguishing themselves. The largest fire I’ve ever seen was as big as 15-20 tiles, and it wasn’t even close to my creatures. The only fire that sparked dangerously close to my creatures was extinguished by rain while it was still an ember.
  22. PopsicleNinja

    An All-Female Crisis

    My tribe in story mode had a problem where none of my home stars had a partner that matched up, which resulted in a similar situation to having one gender.
  23. Snow53211

    Time of Day

    Maybe it’s the second half of the day for evening, so all nichlings get one gem back, but some food is used up too.
  24. Snow53211

    Blind Nichlings and movement

    Currently on the game a blind nichling can only move to tiles that are seen by other nichlings. However, blind people in real life still move around and navegate the world based on other senses like sound and touch. So I suggest giving two unique actions to blind nichlings. 1. Blind nichlings should be able to have a listening action. It would allow blind nichlings to hear the tiles around them, making it so they can move around. You would be able to click action this in the same spot as the purring action. *How far the nichlings can hear depends entirely on their ears. 2. The touch/feel action. This would allow them to touch/feel something they can’t hear and interact with. For example touching a piece of grass, would allow them to clear it away next turn. This gives the nichlings more mobility.
  25. Micha

    Fuel and Energy Sensors

    Mhh good idea to couple it to the tanks directly 👍
  26. Pokestardragacraft

    Continent Island

    If you’re talking about the google poll like it was for the first community voting, there won’t be one this time. This forum is doing what that poll did.
  27. scrape1

    How Do You Pronouce 'Niche'?

    I used to say nitch, but kneesh sounds like the real thing.
  28. I would say that they hobble, their heads would go low and their butt up and they would hobble around on their legs. I also imagine it to be painful and uncomfortable for the Nicheling to walk like that, though thinking about rogue males they probably don't have much of a problem with that ^^
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