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  2. Sovru: Welp.. Heres mah gang! (I guess..) Kittens: *Wanders off* Sovru: Hey hey HEY stay by me you brats!
  3. Oh, I also forgot to post some of these screenshots too. I can’t think of any description for them, but here. Sovru: Now you be good kids alright? Kittens: DADDY! DADDY! WE NEED FOOD! MEW MEW MEW! Sovru: ....... (One Hunt later..) Sovru: Heres your food you.. you little... weasels! Kittens: MEW MEW! WE NEED MORE! Sovru: AAAGGH! How does my mate deal with these kitties everyday?! Sovru: Oh shoot.. Spring’s here! Now the prey will notice me faster.. agh I gotta think fast!!
  4. I guess we’ll finish tomorrow, I need to be in bed soon anyway..
  5. I’ve hardly eaten, just brushed my teeth, and now my body needs more food.. ya know belly? You should’ve asked me EARLIER that you were really hungry! Now you’re just giving me pain and temptation to eat even though I just brushed... :/

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  7. You hunt in the north are able to bring down a cow elk -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves -Eat from food storage
  8. I guess I’ll try up north.. I’m pretty oblivious about it though.
  9. -Hunt in the north -Hunt in the south -Hunt in the west -Hunt in the east
  10. ((now)) @ShinyMetalTheAnimal Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves @PurpleBrightThingInSkyHeav Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves @BrightPrettyHeadThing Day 1 It's rainy -Hunt -Explore -End day -Go to market -Breed wolves
  11. Same here.. i imagine flower masks as bright sky blue and witlteds as really bright obnoxious orange..
  12. I think your Zevorien feels the same way..
  13. I imagine her eyes being cyan not dark blue
  14. I just saw them and oml I’m even more excited now. Oof, I forgot I needed to name her lmao. This is why I’m not having kids lol.
  15. Wait.. Yugo eyes are blue.. the eyeball that she tore out is blue.. did she tear her eye out?
  16. "Good morning class, I am Miss. Lyra, I am your Storm class teacher." She wrote her name on the white board, her hand writing was small and compact. "Today we shall be learning about hurricanes!" She said excitedly. Idiot they will think your a freak. She frowned a bit then carried on. "Any questions?"
  17. This is the nicheling I had forgotten her pattern
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