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  4. nighttime:/

    ok, thanks:D
  5. nighttime:/

    I think SetGene and Add Statuseffect are a bit buggy. When the night does not end, it just means an error happened. I'll see if we can fix it for the next update. However if you use the dev console we won't guarantee that the game works fine all the time
  6. nighttime:/

    Oh yeah, and explore all fields.
  7. nighttime:/

    just SetGene, berry count, increasepawn and add status affects.
  8. nighttime:/

    What commands did you use before this happened?
  9. nighttime:/

    i know how to use cheats, and have been using them for 2 days now. but for some reason, the cheats make the nighttime glitch out. the nighttime will not pass, therefore making my game unplayable. do you have any time to fix this? thanks:D
  10. Part Coloring

    How about some way to change the part from the standard gray to something different. Maybe Really Dark Grey instead. It could be a tab up top, next to the Center of Mass toggle. :?
  11. Haha you guys are fast :D! I'll send over the keys via PM. Aaaand that's it for now.
  12. I like the board, it's very easy on the eyes If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to have an extra key.
  13. Celebrating the launch of the new forum!

    The forum looks great so far omg! It's very easy to use too good job on this!
  14. -pops up- H-hewwo, I like how this forum and game look, can I pawsably get a key? u//w//u
  15. Earlier
  16. Camera block

    I love this solution to the problem of limited camera view!
  17. General feedback after a few hours playing

    Just another user giving feedback (about 100 hrs played). Some of the things you mentioned I definitely agree with, some I have respectful disagreement on Some overall thoughts on your comments: I think many of the changes you are requesting basically relate to making it easier to create very large complex ships (something I found was difficult as well). My only concern is that they shouldn't make it too easy to build uber-complex ships right from the beginning. I think the core "fun" in games like this comes from design constraints that are slowly lifted (either by unlocking stuff or slowly figuring out how to get around them) allowing you to create your wildest fantasies. In the demo, there are very very few "intentional" design constraints (no part limits, almost everything is unlocked, etc.), but quite a lot of unintentional design constraints due to engine and part limitations. I would like to see the engine and part library expanded to support super cool complex ships, but to have this complexity be slowly unlocked over time in some way. I stopped playing because the programming feature is impossible to use. Resorting to gates that return key presses is not a viable model. It's impossible to visualize and becomes a complete mess as soon as you try to do anything remotely sophisticated. The whole programming component should be separated from the ship building aspect and placed inside a distinct "layer" or interface. There is no reason a gate should have weight or take up space. You need a visual way to structure the program. Even the most rudimentary program can require up to 10 gates, which would take up too much space on the ship. I REALLY do not think they should take out the logic gates and replace them with some kind of scripting language because this makes it much much less accessible to the everyday user (I know it's hard for programming-savy people to believe, but the average person cannot figure out even an absurdly basic scripting language or object-oriented model). However if they were able to add in the ability to specify more complex logic in addition to basic logic gates I think that could be really cool (maybe some kind of special part that's unlocked later on that can support more complex logic). Ship structure is an issue. There needs to be a way to connect ship parts with more than one vector in order to create a scaffolding of some kind. Or introduce a different ship part to play that role. As it is right now, any big enough ship becomes an unstable wiggling mess. I agree to an extent, although the longer I played the more tricks I figured out for making gigantic ships stable. For example, making interlocking blocks of connected parts rather than just having everything connect to its neighbors. This was actually a lot of fun to figure out. Make the ship core smaller. There is no reason for making it so big. Again, I think design constraints make things fun BUT that having these constraints lifted over time is the core of gameplay progression. Maybe having multiple cores with different sizes and functionalities that can be unlocked? Of course, there are the obvious bugs and fixes that need to happen. Too many times, my ship would explode for no reason, just because I broke the physics engine for some reason. Yes sadly, there are some things that just aren't possible in the physics system of the demo (for example, any flame/spark throwers put near each other make the whole thing explode). I could never figure out how power and fuel work... They recharge, except when they don't??? If you put enough solar panels, the shields will work forever and you are invincible... Is that by design? I like the idea of a strong shield, but maybe change the rules so that you are not allowed to fire weapons from behind a shield? That would make things interesting! And even encourage more battering ram designs. I agree, this stuff is awesome but obviously needs to be unlocked over time in the final game. All the weapons that track the mouse are overpowered. I only used 2 or 3 weapons, 2 of which where turrets that track the mouse. You need to remove those. Same for the sensor that tracks the mouse. It's just too much direct control. I actually disagree. I think these things could be harder to unlock and cost more (if there is a system of cost for parts on a ship), but there's no reason they can't be balanced and I think they add fun/variety. I wholeheartedly agree with all your other comments
  18. Nimbatus wins Best in Play award

    Aaand we will also be part of the GDC pitch @Roger will do the pitch. Gogo Roger! https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/315462/See_these_10_devs_compete_to_make_the_best_game_pitch_at_GDC_2018.php
  19. Oook, let's do 3 more First come, first served!
  20. Camera block

    A block that when you press it's button, switches the camera to it's point of view
  21. Different Planet Types

    We could have water planets, where drones move slower and are affected by the water. Also, we could have boss planets, where theres a giant boss (possibly the planet itself) that you need to defeat.
  22. Friendly Distance Sensor

    Either a new distance sensor or an option in the distance sensor that allows you to detect your drone or parts of your drone that you may have detached.
  23. Altitude Sensor

    We should have a sensor that detects distance from the center of gravity.It would be good for satellites and could even be used for orbiting drones in sumo.Maybe you could even set a block for it to detect distance to?That would be good for having mini drones orbiting a main drone.
  24. More Shields

    The shields could be randomly generated, like the weapons. They could have modifiers, like larger radius, less energy use, or even repulsing. Different shields could also protect especially against a certain type of damage. For example, one that protects against plasma weapons would block almost all plasma weapons and be red to show it, but would be weak to another type, such as cold.
  25. Another Thruster Type

    There should be another thruster, kind of like a dynamic thruster, but you pick the force in the editor, and it doesnt change when driving.
  26. Shield Energy Use Change

    The shields should use more energy the more they're being hit.
  27. Number Inputs

    We need to be able to enter in values for magnets and stuff, instead of just a slider. Or, even better, we could have both number inputs and a slider.
  28. Search Filters

    We need search filters on the weapons tab, or otherwise some sort of sorting for it.
  29. Development WIP

    Object animations made by @Markus
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