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  2. maybe soon Meringue will try and spend more time with his favorite mate and son... (who are, of course, Sky and Prince) but not now because I don't feel like it also if Prince needs some family advice, he can go to Diinana. She's MY goddess of family-- after her mate and oldest son plus two mothers and one of their babies were killed, she took care of her other son and the blind orphan whose mother was killed. She also adopted another son, but he wasn't with them long before he was killed as well Later Diinana took on a bearyena mate and had a daughter who was strong enough to kill the bearyenas that had killed her half-brother and adopted brother. so basically Diinana was the best mother in all Niche. Though she may have not been able to protect her children because of her low strength (1) from the very deadly predators, she took care of them while they lived ❤️
  3. Eek I love toxic bodies with huge patterns so the little color pops out!
  4. Because all the best things rhyme Thank you :')
  5. look, he might not be pretty but I don't care.
  6. There's a tree right in front of mine inhabited 24/7. You'll always hear them in case you're not sure
  7. I still can’t get something I’m satisfied with..
  8. Thanks it not like I could look out my window and see one... or can I?
  9. Vampire bats may also be a good one- they have a strict social structure (only females can be the leader, males are forced out and must find food for the females if pregnant, ect)
  10. nobody's posted on this topic for a long time but i just got this really cool boi aaa
  11. Your really good at writing really good descriptions of horrible things!
  12. Maybe have different groups of nichelings who follow certain animals? Eg group one follows deer, but group 2 follows tigers.
  13. weird squad actually there's probably more than 4 people weird weird group Kermit the frog memes
  14. Aww thanks even though that isn’t real and I’m just weird...
  15. I haven't read anything past this but, why must it rhyme
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