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  2. He coughed and winced at the pain in his side from the landing and then stood up, dusting himself off.
  3. You turned back to the hole and.. jumped in. You didn't think of doing that.. it was like someone else did it.. But here you were, falling. You landed hard on stone ground, as you glanced around, you seemed to be in a valley of sorts. How the hell was there a valley in a spare classroom? How the hell did a hole in the ground lead to this?
  4. “No thank you!” And he stuck his hands back into his pockets and walked back towards the door he entered from.
  5. You felt.. nothing...? You were about to leave when you saw something.. There was a hole in the middle of the floor.
  6. He squinted and took his hands out of his pockets to feel around for a light switch.
  7. How are your rats doing?
  8. You got to the spare classroom.. As you opened the door, you saw the room was strangely dark. Probably nothing, the school's lightbulbs didn't work half the time so that was probably why. You went inside.
  9. “Okay.” He smiled then opened the door and left the classroom, hurriedly walking down the halls.
  10. "uhm... don't remember! only that i did."
  11. “Of course.” He stood up, brushed the hair out of his face and walked to the door, grabbing the doorknob before turning and asking: ”Where did you leave it..? in your house I mean.” He questioned.
  12. You were pretty early, as the classroom was empty. You waited there for a bit before the other students came in. You were doing this project about a childhood book about a young human falling underground. You always found it pretty morbid for a kids book, it was strange why they chose it for a project. (haha undertale go brr) "I forgot the paper for the project at my house-" The teacher said. You had forgotten the name of them already. "Lee, because you were the first one here, could you get it for me?"
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  14. He went to class pretty quickly, as it wasn’t too far away and he didn’t need to do anything else.
  16. HAHA /j we can be shorter than alphys but taller than sans buddies together
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