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  2. It’s like real life tag, if you get tagged it gives you a name tag that says tag and you have to hit someone to get rid of it, then that person is tagged no
  3. “Look, there’s skywings!” He points to a detailed drawing of an adult skywing
  4. @boston_lobstah Your art is featured on my Discord now! it would be a pleasure if you could join the server and make a Silver custom emoji :3
  5. I just noticed the little anchor on Yugo's arm
  6. I don't know who's online who hasn't answered the poll
  7. Silver's blushing omg I love it!! ^^
  8. What is tagging And do you have to install data packs? Also whoever's house I found. did you see my note > : )
  9. (Fun fact: Peach feels bad about taking the dragonets as eggs, more than Blizzard and Nightstalker at least. Nightstalker feels bad if she feels like she's making the dragonets feel presured)
  10. He nods. “Only a few, Blizzard showed me one that he was writing, it was pretty cool. Anyways I brought a few back so we could read them!”
  11. I forgot to mention on how Yugo looks like she scheming something, probably a birthday party
  12. Dreamers are the only one I've heard of
  13. Alright I’m gonna join in a sec
  14. "Should we tell the dragonets who their mothers are?" Peach asked another question. "Not now, we'll wait." Blizzard told the small dragon. Nightstalker nodded in agreement with the icewing.
  15. "Whoa! That's really cool! How many of the scrolls have you read in here?" She asked Starfruit, looking way happier than before.
  16. Starfruit smiles at her. “So, these scrolls are about the tribes! Look-“ he opened one and it showed diagrams of all the dragons.
  17. Updated! @SilverHowl use this one
  18. Today
  19. I made a trade for one of my petrognatha gigas I really want to get one of those with a better color so I can fully do a business thing with breeding petrognatha gigas(Along side with my branch and eudicella gralli breeding)
  20. Zixvir

    Way of Birth genes

    have you noticed this? you can edit because there will never be anything to stop you!
  21. YEEERRRRRSSSS TYTYTYTY!!! ^^ can I feature the artwork in my Discord server? :DDD
  22. Oh hey @boston_lobstah, could I feature the amazing picture in my Discord server? :3
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