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  2. The Ultimate Ape: The Hardest Challenge in Niche

    Yea sure, I don’t see why not. Don’t even remember why I made it so low in the first place .
  3. The Ultimate Ape: The Hardest Challenge in Niche

    I really like the idea! but since this is so hard to defeat, maybe raise up the food droppings to 100? Just a thought.
  4. Triplets

    Oh, well.. Looks like I am not breeding any of my leaders when they have five days left! Take an upvote!
  5. Tank of a Predator: Tigle

    @ChasingNyx and @Philo Thank you both so much! It means a lot to hear that from you! <3 ^u^ <3
  6. The Ultimate Ape: The Hardest Challenge in Niche

    So I’ve made a post for hybrid genes for existing creatures here: And it includes the ultimate ape, but it’s the entity that works the most independently from the rest and thought it would be a good idea to make it its own post. The ultimate ape is for experienced players looking for a challenge. The ultimate ape is a very rare entity that spawns in with another ape on a different area on the island. When it spawns in, it makes a very distinct sound. It is the best combination of the great apes; having excellent sight, hearing, and smell; and can only be found on the deep jungle island. It’s appearance is like a mixture between the three apes. The ultimate ape will spawn as a child and will become an untamable adult after 50 days. It is only tamable as a child and requires 100 food to tame which can be separated into 10s, 20s, and 50s at a cost (alternatively, have new menu pop up for how much to give to the ape). Separating food gifts wears off 1 food point a day and each feeding (regardless of amounts) takes one point of energy. When the ultimate ape becomes a “tamed” adult, you will have to provide it with 10 food points every 10 days. The ultimate ape starts off with 10 food points when it grows up. Each feeding of 10 points is one point of energy. Feeding does stack meaning feeding it 50 food points on day lasts for 50 days. There would be a bar or icon letting you know how much longer you have. Missing feeding the ultimate ape makes it feral and untamable. The ultimate ape is neutral as a child, extremely aggressive as an adult, and neutral as an adult if it was tamed and is maintained. Letting the ultimate ape grow up without taming it would be one of the hardest, if not hardest, challenges in Niche. If any creature is ever caught on its radar, it will immediately target that creature. It can be distracted by other food resources and other apes for 2-3 days. It likes to move around to make it less predictable. If creatures have distasteful appearance, distasteful scent, and strong voice, it will not attack. There could be two achievements for the ultimate ape: Master of Beasts - Tamed an ultimate ape for life Master Hunter - Kill the ultimate ape Ultimate Ape Stats: 6 sight 6 smell 6 hearing 4 defense 5 strength 2 collecting 2 speed Immune to poison Drops 100 food points Lifespan - 250 days
  7. Poisonous Prey: Newtsnake

    That actually sounds like a very neat tribe! 8D Got any pictures? I'd love to see that!
  8. Tree Guarding Predator: Bearowl

    To be honest, I made all of these /possibly/ breedable because I genuinely don't believe my ideas will be implemented, and if so then maybe only one out of all of them, so that's why I made them all possibly breedable, because really, you'd only get one anyway, and the rest are just scraps. Because I've played sooo many hours of this game that more hybrids I think would help spice things up. Gives me more genes to hunt down.
  9. Spitting Head

    Yes! and maybe it doesnt affect stronger creatures like apes and balance bears. It could reduce one of their moves but not for a whole day.
  10. New predator? Caraval

    This mix of a serval and a caracal is a true beauty! What it looks like: It has long ears and ear tufts, Its legs are rather long and it has spots all around. It is roughly in the position of a arctic ramfox These creatures are mostly solitary. Sometimes found in pairs. Where they are found: They are found in the grasslands and savannahs. Behavior: They usually attack straight forward, but alot of the times they jump right out of the grass to attack your nicheling from behind. They behave calmer in the grasslands since prey is so plentiful, but in the savannahs, well, not so much. How they act in the savannah: They mostly are solitary here, and they attack more often. You cannot sense them in anything but smell. They steal your scraps and their attack is +3. How they act in the grasslands: They usually come in pairs and are very rare to see. Here you can only smell them aswell, but they do not steal your scraps and their attack is +2 This doesnt have to be a thing, but maybe on rare events they have babys you can tame? I dont know because bearyenas are reat in all but new hybrid genes seem fun. On a rare event, the caravals have a kitten. You can take out the mother and tame the kitten, the kitten will spen one turn trying to escape, but if you can manage to feed it, it will love you forever! It takes about 3 food to tame. Genes you can snag: Ear tufts: +1 hearing (If your wondering caracals use these to hear aswell) Long hindlegs: +3 speed +1 swimming Long legs: +1 speed +1 swimming Sharp eyes: +3 Sight Big ears Beige fur Black pattern color Spots Green eyes 2 fertility Hemophilia Medium tail What do you think? I would like some drawings though I am not yet very good at it so I would highly appreciate some :> Thanks for looking!
  11. Beach Bum Predator: Crark

    Exactly The mother does indeed only spawn on the beach [because she's beached herself to have her baby] and she and the baby stay there. The baby is always male, so once it's old enough to separate from her [if you don't kill her and make it friendly] it'll go back into the water and act as all the other males do. And yes, Grabber Gob is exactly how they would look; it's the head you get from breeding with Crarks! <3
  12. New prey item? Kutah

    Inspired by kudu's and Cheetahs.. I made a Kutahs! They have the spots and swiftness of a cheetah, and the horns of a Kudu! Where they live: They would live in the savannah, where its hot and dry. How they act: These creatures hover around trees where they raise their young. Just like bearyenas, you can find babys behind them. They usually only have one. if you kill the kutah, the baby will run off. (You cant tame them) Numbers: They come in packs of 2-3 and try to corner you into danger. if you attack them they will attack you, dealing 1 attack. If you attack their baby they deal 2 attack and surround you. They hunt small things like rabbils, and they steal your food. If anybody would like to, please draw some pictures to give a reference! (I am not very good at it rn)
  13. Today
  14. Savanna Horns

    @ChasingNyx I believe the way it works is that the suggestions with the most votes are put in the community votings, and then the top votes are implemented.
  15. Eve with wings? Bug or just incredibly lucky.

    I agree it should be kept in. I actually thought it wasn't a bug since Eve can have random genes.
  16. Blue Fur/Feathers

    @ChasingNyx yeah, pretty much these colors look gorgeus red orange and yellow are already in the game but green blue and purple would be a really striking addition
  17. Yesterday
  18. Spitting Head

    @MysticTopaz "Jaws of the Ancient Ones" But yeah definitely a spitting gene to stop the target for the day, or even a few moves, would be fantastic
  19. Swimming tail VS new Fin Tail

    I also like the idea of mer-nechelings, but I'd rather it not replace the current Tail Fin
  20. Eve with wings? Bug or just incredibly lucky.

    You should keep it in! This could be very rare, but if people find it it's like Eve has a chance of having every gene (except for prehistoric genes)
  21. Tree Guarding Predator: Bearowl

    Barn Owlbears! Er-Mah-Gur Yes!
  22. Savannah Predator: Liotah

    Although I really like the idea of new cosmetic eye genes
  23. Beach Bum Predator: Crark

    If the nechelings with this head look like Grabber Gob then finding a baby one of these would make me ecstatic. Also I noticed a creature with all crark limbs has 0 move, so does the mother just flop up on land and get beached or...?
  24. Amphibious Predator: Orcolf

    I would LOVE seeing these in my game! (even though and encounter with them sounds frankly terrifying)
  25. Pregnant females move slower

    I don't know, wild animals are pretty well equipped for moving around while pregnant, otherwise they're a walking buffet for those months. (humans are just special, lol) While not similar to nichelings, lionesses are capable of getting kicked and tossed by a zebra while hunting with no damage to the baby. I think wolves retain their mobility too. Just a small speed reduction would be fine (like -1), but nothing too crazy. But I think that would lead to situations where a nicheling is completely immobilized if they happen to only have 1 speed.
  26. Rogue male cannibalism

    Maybe this could be turned off/on in settings (or if the Sandbox options idea gets added, it would be one of those), or maybe just something that happens on harder islands (i.e. not on Easy).
  27. Attacking Tribemates

    I think this would be a great option! Preferrably rather than an omega, alpha, beta system, you have to toggle it in settings for it to be an alpha being allowed to attack an omega. But it would be cool!
  28. Rogue Females / Lonely Ladies

    I really like how you would have to kill her to get your child back. But what might be cool to add is that if they are taken you should have to give them more than five food. Almost like you saying sorry for letting them get taken.
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