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  2. Sorry to keep holding off on this I've been trying to get myself together I can probably rp tomorrow
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  4. Mimikyu pokedex entry
  5. Yeah you're right BUT YOU'RE WRONG ANYWAY
  6. *grumble grumble* I was gonna do that
  7. oh, lol sorry. Btw, already drew it, just need to color
  8. I think you would do it by right clicking the gems? and it would have to work with customizable gen colours
  9. We could have another fox pattern gene unique to the snowy biomes too! What if we had a fox pattern gene based on arctic foxes that would automatically alternate between 2 forms/patterns based on the season? In winter, it would have almost completely white fur while in summer it'd have white + grey fur or be just grey/blue. It could have +1 camouflage if it were completely white or dark in the right season but a downside of the gene could be that it takes time for the fur to change completely. This could cause a nicheling to have dark patches in the first few days of winter, causing it to instead have -1 camouflage or no change to the stat. Also, it could have a chance of not developing thick fur in time for winter so it could have -1 cold resistance or no added cold resistance. These would also apply to summer but reversed.
  10. Ruitt


    Adding to this, what if scars had two different 'states' like old/new scars? Old scars wouldn't really impact the game but new scars could. What if nichelings with fresh scars took more damage or bled more if attacked due to the scars opening up again?
  11. anyways, i think im done making the hatchery, heres a link to if if anyones interested. (also tell me if im missing anything, please!) https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/baz/2811496
  12. It would give the game alot more flavor, and make roleplaying better, but it would be hard to impliment, due to the new abilities and genes they would have to add. THis might end up having it's own update, if they do add it. But, would still be cool. That is why i suggested it.
  13. Could be fun! Not sure how likely it is that it would be added, but like I said, could be fun!
  14. Ok, i know it sounds op, but i have this really cool idea of a new gene slot that would give nichelings the ability to do cool stuff. The genes can only be found %0.1 of the time in icebergs. Ill edit later, gtg K back, here are the gene ideas: No gene: in 99.9% of nichelings, does nothing Fire: Most common one, gives nicheling ability to burn certain things, ecept things with 3 heat resistance. Electricity: Deals damage when used, if used on water, will kill all fish within a 2-block radius. Ice: Gives things frozen status effect unless they have 3 cold resistance, can freese water within a 2-block radius. Earth: Can create or move blocks or plants. Water: Gives underwater breathing, Can make a water tile, gives anyone it is used on a cooled by water status effect
  15. Perhaps it would be like changing the gem colors, but have a different button for it! Upvoted!
  16. Television show, a sitcom classic Fuzzy screen static Say you'll go, say you're someone imagined Life's lookin' tragic
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