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  2. Is it possible for me to buy one of their children? If you have them of course..
  3. possible children for Constyllation and Orchard ❤️
  4. yeep, she was in this documentary kinda of movie thing about this guy Zig Ziglar and she talked about him a bit. she's written some books too. it's weird that I can look up her name and she has a website and everything. so yeah
  5. Also.. uh.. My notifications and my messages have left.
  6. "Uh-huh." YarrowDrip went out of the log. -talk to your sibling -talk to your mom -talk to one of the other warriors -talk to the other kits -leave the log -sleep -other (specify) (Alright, I'm actually going to draw now. I'll continue this later)
  7. "Uh-huh." He seemed to be getting pretty annoyed with you. -TYO -leave the conversation
  8. "Yes." -TYO -leave the conversation
  9. likely when he was about 13 years old
  10. "Hi." They seemed pretty dismissive of you. -TYO -other
  11. “Let’s take a look see. Hate your hair, not likely, yikes, yikes, yikes, and let me guess, you have a great personality?” -Kuzco, sometime in his life
  12. You sit by your sibling. Eventually the cat, who you can only assume is YarrowDrip, comes into the log holding a bundle of different plants. You watch as they clear the blood using a damp mossball, and stuff two smaller mossballs into their nose to stop the bleeding. And they asked your sibling to swallow what seemed to be a chewed up stick. -talk to your sibling -talk to YarrowDrip -talk to your mom -talk to one of the other warriors -talk to the other kits -leave the log -sleep -other (specify)
  13. You successfully grab your shell, and you were able to get away before the next wave hit. -show mom your shell -set down your shell and try to collect another -hiss at the waves -take your shell back to the den -other (specify)
  14. Oh no I am getting that shell!
  15. I’m already laughing and I’ve gotten halfway through the song-
  16. "What?" She rushes into the log, and starts to yell. "SnowFoot, go get YarrowDrip! SlateStripe you're on gaurd duty!" You could hear those two saying something, but you didn't understand them. "Now!" You heard your mother yell again. She then sat next to your sibling and held their head up, pointing their nose to the sky. You could also see them say comforting things to them, but you weren't close enough to hear. -go sit next to your sibling -look around the outside -get out of the way -other (specify)
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