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  2. what do you mean? +5 ants -1 of each kind of ant [Need more food] (EXCEPT QUEEN)
  3. I felt like I should practice drawing WoF dragons, so here's a new OC, Bombyx the SilkWing. "Bombyx" refers to the genus of the domestic silk moth, Bombyx mori
  4. Today
  5. She smiled. ”Hehe! Thanks.” She smiled.
  6. She giggled too. ”You’re pretty cool.” She said to you.
  7. "Tell me about it." He said, giggling a bit.
  8. “That.. Queen wasp performance was.. strange to say the least..” she said.
  9. "Me neither..." He said, sitting down next to her, but not too close.
  10. (Hehehehehehe) She smiled back and looked back at the Silkwing. ”I Don't know..”
  11. Now more childs (Blaze brood)
  12. (I KNEW IT) "Nice to meet you, too." He said, smiling. "So, what are you doing?"
  13. What kind of chamber? +5 food storage
  14. “Cricket, nice to meet you.” She said, smiling.
  15. "... I'm beetle, what's your name?"
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