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  4. "Oh...okay then. I was just wondering because uh, I got worried because I didn't want them to just leave us behind because I don't...I dont like being alone... it scares me... thats why I have breeze." She looked at breeze who was walking beside her. " he's like an emotional support dog..." Breeze looked at Kamado.
  5. (OKAY) Lockwood rolled his eyes and made him get up.
  6. However, as soon as he said that, he remembered seeing this guys picture somewhere in the palace. Otto immediately dropped to his knees. “S-sir Lockwood.”
  7. Otto finally noticed the blond guy. “Cedar, who’s this? He’s been awfully quiet.”
  10. Oh my gawd. My eyes need sonthing. Help.
  11. Lockwood watched the arguement. He still didn't know whose side to pick.
  12. “They’re on the boats. I convinced them I wanted to go alone, despite multiple generals protesting.”
  13. "Alright then..." Vivus kept walking " Where's your guards...or...whatever you called them? it's been a while. "
  14. Iris scoffed and turned to Cedar. “So you really are leaving us for a guy you met 3 days ago. This is perfect!” He said sarcastically.
  15. “That’s good enough for me. Even if they won’t forgive me.”
  16. CHAPTER 33 - DAY 611 CURRENT SEASON: Fall Year 14 STATUS CHECK Leader: BANDI (Dusty-pelted she-cat with golden eyes) Doctor: QUICKBURST (Dusty tan she-cat with chocolate brown eyes) Citizen: NIGHTLASH (Pitch-black she-cat with sharp claws and a muscular body) Citizen: NAPOLEON (Ginger, dappled tom with brown eyes) Citizen: COLETTE (Golden she-cat with dark eyes, the spitting image of Blitz) Arrival: Citizen: SEIKO (Sand-colored she-cat with sleek fur) A bearyena comes after the cats of the colony. Bandi is the first to see it and attacks it. "All of you! Come help!" She yowls, fighting the creature. The cats team up to take it down, and enraged, it swipes a claw at Bandi. It swipes a claw at the right side of Bandi's face, knocking her backward. It then tackles napoleon, digging its claws into his neck. Napoleon yowls, terrified. Finally, Nightlash is able to take the bearyena down. Quickburst, terrified, rushes Bandi and napoleon to the doctor's den, fearing the worst. "Thank heavens," she says. "Bandi and Napoleon will be fine, but they will have scars." Seiko grows into a full adult cat. "Seiko is beautiful," Colette says to Bandi. "I want to be like her one day." Bandi grins. "I'm sure you'll be able to. Why not tell her how you feel?" "That takes time!" Says Colette, flattening her ears. "I don't know, Bandi. what if she says no?" "Come on, you're the bravest cat I know," says Bandi. "Don't tell me you're afraid of rejection." Nightlash finally grows into a full adult she-cat. "I'm so proud of you," says Quickburst, nuzzling her daughter. "You've come so far, and you're the strongest fighter in all of the colony." Nightlash purrs. "Thank you, Mom." Soon after becoming a full adult member of the colony, Nightlash comes across a bulky, long-furred tomcat in colony territory. His fur is a deep red. "What're you doing here?" she says, confronting him. "My name is Ruik. I want to join your colony," he says, bowing his head. Nightlash takes him to Bandi and he is made a member of the colony. The colony celebrates their fall festival. Quickburst dies of old age. The colony mourns her, especially Nightlash. "I'm here for you," Colette says to Bandi. "I know what it's like to be without your parents." Nightlash finds another young tomcat. His name is Tawnyspike, and he shows interest in joining the colony. He is inducted into the colony, and becomes friends with Colette. The winter festival is celebrated.
  17. " I can make them listen... but i cant make them forgive. thats up to them. They will listen" She was determined to make things right again, even if it meant that she'd have to be a bit rude to make them listen.
  18. He tried to speak but only more incomprehensible noises resulted from it.
  19. “I’m not sure your friends would listen.” Kamado admitted.
  20. CHAPTER 32 - DAY 591 CURRENT SEASON: Spring Year 14 STATUS CHECK Doctor, Temporary Leader: QUICKBURST (Dusty tan she-cat with chocolate brown eyes) Guard: Shelby (Ginger she-cat with soft, silky fur) Citizen: Napoleon (Ginger, dappled tom with brown eyes) Citizen: Nightlash (Pitch-black she-cat with sharp claws and a muscular body) Arrival: Heir: BANDI (Dusty-pelted she-cat with golden eyes) Arrival: Citizen: COLETTE (Golden she-cat with dark eyes, the spitting image of Blitz) DEATHS Citizen: BLITZ (Golden tom with dark eyes) Leader: VICTOR (Blond tom with dark eyes and sharp fangs) Bandi's eyes open, and her personality begins to emerge. The colony decides to name her the leader of the colony, teaming up to raise her and show her how to run the colony. But they soon come to find that Bandi is an outspoken, brave she-cat like her mother, and it's hard to control her. She becomes rebellious from a young age. Colette's eyes open soon after. She becomes friends with Bandi. She's also rebellious and daring, and the two often try to sneak off from their mothers to explore. Meanwhile, Nightlash is patrolling the border and finds a young she-cat. "What're you doing here?" Nightlash flicks her tail, preparing to swipe at her. "I'm looking for a colony," says the sand-colored she-cat. "My name is Seiko." Seiko is introduced into the colony, and is taken to Bandi to be made a colony member. The colony celebrates their spring festival. Unexpectedly, Shelby dies of old age. This leaves Colette without parents, and Nightlash takes over as the guard of the colony. Bandi is there to support Colette. "I'm just.. angry," the golden kitten says, plopping beside Bandi. "I get how you feel," says Bandi. "I feel like that about my dad, too." The two bond in their grief, and both grow into adolescent cats. Seiko begins to hang out with the two of them. "What're you guys' ambitions when you become adult cats?" Bandi asks curiously. "I guess I'm kind of stuck with this whole leader thing." "I want to be a doctor," purrs Colette. "I want to prevent cats from getting sick like Bandi and I's fathers did." "I think you'd be a great doctor," meows Seiko. "I think I just want to be your average hunter, if I'm honest." The colony celebrates their summer festival.
  21. Otto sighed. “So what if he did? It looks like I care about him more than you do!”
  22. " Oh of course not! it's going to take time, of course. but it is possible. You just need to take baby steps. Maybe explaining stuff to my friends once you find them... and apologize. I would like it if you apologized... it would show a lot- really, it would. " Vivus nodded. " It would show some stuff about yourself if you made a genuine apology. and just explained yourself... even if they don't forgive you, at least you tried, and that's what matters. "
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