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  2. firestar123


    Well i dont have pictures but i have Three dogs a german shepherd named marcel a great dane named buck and a fox hound pit mix named josie 5 cats kitty is a silver tabby tiger is a orange tabby fluffy is well shes gray and fluffy and clover is also gray and fluffy a siamese ferret named pepper a rose hair shooting tarantula named uno a back albino corn snake named spot and 5 rats little dobby is hairless petal is gray with a white chest rose is albino cheese cake is tanish and so is ninja o and a fish named match
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  4. Jojo

    Your most unlikely nicheling couple?

    Feel you! This has happened to me so often!
  5. Jojo

    I think I may have found another bug...

    Certain genes only show up after you encountered a Nicheling with those genes. Immunity gene J is a classic example of that
  6. Jojo


    I hate spiders but ant colonies are cool
  7. Micha

    Hi, I'm Grimm

    Hey, welcome to our forums
  8. Micha


    Yes this is something we promised during our kickstarter They will work similar to the sumo tournament but inside a larger arena and with weapons and traps
  9. Goggles-kun

    Two ports together??

    I kinda had something like that in the past...
  10. TheAlbinoNightfury


    I currently have 4 pets, 2 cats and 2 dogs. ^^ These two fuzzballs are Blackie and Jewel Some pets I would really like to get in the future would be a bird, and either a tarantula or an ant colony. Does anybody else like tarantulas?
  11. TheAlbinoNightfury

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Voltron season 8 in a few weeks..... WOOOOHOOO!!!!!
  12. Skidez

    Parravens: Smart birds you can befriend or enrage

    sorry this is late, but thanks!
  13. STM


    Autonomous drones can combat each other in the sumo arena. So asynchronous pvp-multiplayer is already possible with uploaded drones and sumo. But yeah... That feels a bit like chess by mail. 😁
  14. Yesterday
  15. OsoMoore


    Is there a chance you'll have autonomous ship combat? Having some pre-set arenas would be a lot of fun.
  16. Finnwinter

    Have you met two wandering siblings?

    i havent seen siblings, but i found a mother and son once! they had 1 matching immunities, similar genes and recessives, and they looked fairly similar! i was in a story perspective for the save, so this was really cool
  17. Skysplash8

    I think I may have found another bug...

    There may have been a wanderer that had those genes, but you didn't see them.
  18. Grimmhaze

    New members

    hey everyone, Names Grimmhaze. Long time gamer and who lover of breeding and genetic games. I'm a streamer and cant wait to try this
  19. Markus

    Plasma should give improved diggin

    We have to check how we can make the different ammunition types more interesting. Digging is one possibility, but not yet sure if that's the best way to go. We might work on it later down the road. Thank you for the suggestion
  20. It might just be me being nastulgic about the old demo build, but I believe that plasma ammunition should give a digging bonus. It sorta makes sense when you look at the color, and how when you used to start with a fixed plasma beam which was your digging laser. I believe that even today, the plasma ammunition should provide a digging bonus, so that you can really melt through terrain like a hot knife through butter.
  21. This idea is inspired by KSP’s fuel cells, which convert fuel into large amounts of power very quickly. This is essentially the same idea in Nimbatus. The fuel cell will consume a lot of fuel to give a quick boost of power, for firing a lot of weapons for a short period, or for emergency power when your other energy sources kick the bucket.
  22. OsoMoore

    New members

    Hey everyone! I'm a long time gamer and programmer. I grew up playing puzzle and RPG games, and writing dorky little Quick BASIC games. I was very into Technic Legos, and played the heck out of a game called MindRover (released in 2000). Nimbatus has a lot of similarities, so its no wonder I really got into it. These days I write software for aircraft and play Magic, Nimbatus, board games, and enjoy reading. I'm starting to get my daughter (3 years old) involved in my Nimbatus robots. She really wants me to get the blue ore.
  23. bostonlobstah

    Please read this before posting

    Hi there, welcome to the forums! You can post your idea in the Feature Requests section so it can be noticed
  24. "Star"

    Stray Fawn released a game on Nintendo Switch

    Technically it's not by them but eh.
  25. Goggles-kun

    Whims of Fate

    You're on, Wanderer. (This was back from an earlier build when the textures were kinda broken... I'm also not sure what the green stuff is around the momma's mouth)
  26. Goggles-kun

    Have you met two wandering siblings?

    I don't know if this counts, but these two creatures popped up randomly and kinda look like siblings...
  27. I'm surprised nobody is talking about it... (It's called "Retimed", and I think it's a 2-4 multiplayer game)
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