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  2. honestly when people uyell at mne especiasly my parents, i just overapologise like sorry, sorry , sorry sorry,.."
  3. He has pants. Made of fake diamonds.
  4. we are both pathetic gamer boys who probably have autism and have social anxiety he is literally me fr fr
  5. Lmao yes, I was just mad cause my dad yelled at me for something, I’m good- im very emotional though and I always feel like I’m about to cry whenever someone yells at me
  6. Yesterday
  7. So you may have seen the constant rambling about my current Planet Zoo project on my homethread. Well, since you can import files as custom signs in Planet Zoo, I decided to make one! definatley going to do stuff like this for more animals as I work on the zoo
  8. Okapi finished: African Wild Dog wip: I think that after I finish the African Wild Dog (and maaaybe just one more animal) and do some finishing touches outside of the habitat, I'll upload the zoo to the workshop so you can see it in-game!
  9. This is such a random thing to post are you okay?????
  10. I hope this zoo doesn't blow up my computer later down the line because I'm using a lot of building pieces for some of these things For example, this custom path here is all indivdual plank pieces Also, lag tip: If a building piece has an option to have climbing on or off, turn it off unless it's supposed to be part of a climbing frame! Climbable pieces cause a lot of lag because of having to load more physics (or something) so turning climbing off as much as you could help (especially if you have a big zoo which is where the lag really starts)
  11. Starting on the Okapi area Kinda going for realism with this one. There will be Bongos on the other side of the rock wall btw
  12. "It looks like you peeled Jimmy Neutron like an orange and put his skin over the characters from The Polar Express"
  13. Ive this compulsion to try an plan out a city layout at the VERY beginning of the game. There's a part of me that KNOWS this isn't how the game is really meant to be played and that there's plenty of space on the Onbu for everything you could need, but here I am. Is there any way that the "organ spots" could be signposted at the start so I can rest assured the layout I'm planning doesn't overlap one of those spots I may need access to later? At present the only way to reliably know where those buildings can go is either by memorizing the Onbu layout or by researching the buildings. I dont really mind the "edge" buildings since I can plan for that more easily, but I cant for the life of me accurately pick where those central heart and stomach buildings can go. 😅 Even if it's just a consistent spawn spot for spines so it'd have to be cleared to gain access to, or a slight discoloration, that's all I'm asking for really. Please? That said, I also understand if making mistakes like that are intended as part of the game experience. there's something to be said about needing to occasionally re-do your layout and, while i dont like it, i get it😅 Anyways, great game, really loving the vibe. Thank you for all your hard work😁
  14. Last week
  15. "behold!! construction goblin is here!!"
  16. I also made an animation meme :3c (gore warning !!!)
  17. Boo artfight attack for @lizardcake ima go upload this to artfight now
  18. For no reason at all, pick a color


    i totally am not doing anything silly at all

  19. normalize bursting into tears after someone yells at you
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