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  2. so gloopy oml /pos <333 can you draw rouxls kaard i will do a backflip for payment😍
  3. Hi! I know theres been a while and this is not really rainworld but I made a Saint lioden lion! (also they have 3 cubs that currently have no names so name suggestions for them are Welcome!)
  4. Gnarpy ? i know gnarpy someone else in a discord server also drew it
  5. a new puppet incoming ! it will move eyes im also planning another with fangs
  6. i personally use Ibis Paint, but not often plus i draw on my phone i don't really like flipaclip Does anyone have ideas for a free drawing app on an apple phone ?
  7. I drew Lucifer It’s not good, but whatever It’s at the edge of the page because I thought I was gonna mess up
  8. Same. Really? … *Runs to my drawing book to do more drawings*
  9. Your pencil drawings are really good, I don't think I've ever seen you do traditional? Whenever I try to draw at school I always get embarrassed and cover it because I'm afraid someone will take pictures 😭😭
  10. Do what you think is best, if you're really passionate about it I'd suggest rewriting it, but if you can't remember anything and don't have the head for it then don't bother. But that honestly sucks so baaad rip :(.
  11. Lute stuff I drew at school today I’m very proud of my drawings because Lute is HUMAN (Pretty much, just with wings and a halo and ultimate power) and I usually SUCK at that.
  12. My classmate watches Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss: YAY She likes them both: YAY She likes my drawings of the characters: YAY She hates Lute: *Dies* She likes her voice tho: YAY
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