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  2. Traveller: "What's a cheeseburger?" Luminescent: "What's cheese?" Melting Breeze: "It's an artificial thing. I forgot how its made." Biomimic: "You've never had cheese?" - Eerie: "Pointless creature." Luminescent: "I might eat you if I had to. And I don't eat much processed meat." Traveller: "I try to keep to a diet of actually healthy things. I also hate marshmallows." Melting Breeze: "Sugar isn't very healthy for anyone." Biomimic: "Hummingbirds like it." Traveller: "What's a hummingbird?" - Eerie: "I still can't eat."
  3. To all: Would you eat me? Follow up question, would you eat me if you knew I was a marshmallow kebab?
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  6. https://youtube.com/shorts/a37osVnbjBM?si=rKuXjSZpQYjwUQd3
  7. i see everything does anybody even pair anybody up anymore ?? i just noticed that this is more than two years old
  8. sooooo i just got back to austrailia and found all my friends are ani furries so its not like i am one but i just cant say anything like u can b whatever u want
  9. literally i come across those ppl all the time, i just mute them or say something so out of pocket and freakish that they leave me alone
  10. i'll wait one more day for more reactions and then announce the winners
  11. ATTENTION‼️, signups will close on Sunday (October 1st) and the contest will begin on Monday (October 2nd) YOU WILL HAVE TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE YOUR ENTRY, the rounds will begin on the 16th, and begin each day. the forums can vote for whoever's art they like, the person with the least votes will be eliminated after each round, so on and so forth until someone wins<3 PRIZE: The winner will receive a fully colored and shaded picture of their oc of their choice, regardless of whether it is a dragon or not. DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW THIS TOPIC FOR UPDATES, i will also post links to voting here if you have any questions, please ask me <33 TELL PPL WHO MIGHT WANNA JOIN TOO-
  12. i remember one time i was arguing with an anti-furry and they tried to shame me for having my pronouns in my bio 💀
  13. Ok this thread is kind of dead but I just randomised this derg and it's so cool
  14. Alternativeley as an epic plot twist Arti's pups were alive all along and Goorum (gonna call him that on purpose because it's very funny) adopted them
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