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  2. You stepped onto something that crunched, but it didn’t sound like a bone.
  3. If per se you want a bat I will make it I will also do challenges and really anything else so you know just come and down
  4. "So who turned him into the himbo we all know and love today?"
  5. ^w^ She walked in a random direction
  6. Yesterday
  7. @Green the Fiery Fox It's done!! Feel free to use as a profile picture anywhere as long as you give credit and keep my signature! : D You don't have to credit me if you use it on the fourms
  8. (Uhh well not immortal per say,,, uhh you’ll find out later) the Fox crawled up your arm and onto your shoulder.
  9. This should have most of the info. A comment contains a video from Seri that is old but I think it should still be accurate. If you have Mac, you can sort of combine that info with the below since Mac has a new file path (everything else is the same):
  10. (nononono her sister and her boyfriend arn't with her thats why I sid she was alone)
  11. You Are walking around your deserted neighborhood with your sister, you had found her but you were still looking for your boyfriend. ”Hey, Rose, Look.” Whispered your sister, tapping you on the shoulder.
  12. Still waiting for my new video to upload....oh well might as well post another for the ppl following the series on here. Episode 10: In this video many of the older creatures pass away and more young breeding pairs are established. Also, finally a pink line creature digs up a root and becomes the new leader. He's named Duktata and is the eldest brother. I also establish more of a story behind the taming of the baby bearyena from last episode.
  13. (You should change it to the great 2020/21 forum war)
  14. I was thinking of a charrie to do for this so I made a new one- His name is Lion's roar but he is usually called lion he's an ocelot
  15. Then you are now Hello I am unde da wator
  16. Wh i didn’t know that was a thing uhh baby blue blob on the ceiling?
  17. you can only rename someone 12 hours after they were renamed before
  18. I rename you “Hello, I am unde da wator”
  19. scp-999? could of just said that- no Characters that are not your own please!
  20. Make it a cute orange blob with that face
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