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  2. help my neighbors in graphic design wont stop staring at my computer what do i do
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  4. I love Boskus because the design is beautifully cursed and it constantly sounds like the voice actor is trying extremely hard not to laugh (especially light island) https://youtu.be/aAkkowdeQA8
  5. I'm dying they are beautiful (but also an invasive species so they're evil but beautiful at the same time)
  6. well we got back inside and the water has been fixed but its slow as hell so i guess everything's fine ??????
  7. A couple of days after Uvi and the others returned to camp, Momo had a kit. She wouldn't say who the father was. Uvi and Mimi were beside her. 'What are you going to name him?' Mimi asked. Momo didn't hesitate. 'Hart' 'That means sun.' Uvi smiled. 'Its because he's as bright as the sun. He might not have a dad, but I'll do my best to be the best mom he could wish for' Momo was decided. 'He's my son, and I love him' she smiled down at the bundle of bright yellow fur. Hart had grown his second gem after a little while. Uvi and Momo were sitting in the clearing and laughing together, while Hart was basking in the sun. 'Yeah, and then the bearyena launched itself at me, but I got away no problem! I could have killed it but I didn't feel like it at the time.' Uvi was talking loudly. 'Sure you did. Next you'll tell me you climbed an ape tree and stole the smelling apes nose while it slept' Momo laughed at Uvi's boasts. 'My nose. Is not. Big.' Uvi huffed, but she was trying not to smile. Suddenly Uvi grew serious. 'Uh Momo, you knew when you said that Hart would have to grow up without a dad?' Momo nodded. 'Well, he might not have a dad, but will another mom be alright?..' Uvi stammered out, her usual confidence completely gone. Would Momo feel the same way? What if Uvi had just completely ruined their friendship? Momo's eyes widened, before she smiled and curled up to Uvi. 'I'm sure another mom would be even better than a dad' she whispered, smiling like an idiot. (they are lesbeans 💖💖💞💞💓💕)
  8. Party Fawn


    it's the centipede and millipede. did you know that they usually dont have exactly one thousand legs because they tend to fall off pretty easily
  9. Huh, I'm gonna be honest I didn't even think of that. But yes Spottedfrost's karma is finally catching up to him.
  10. Changed my mind, the updates gonna be today
  11. SPOTTEDFROST IS FINALLY GETTING WHAT HE DESERVED (I kind of want quillblaze to kill him, but wouldn't that mean she would fulfill the prophecy of a red furred cat spilling blood?)
  12. y’all this is crazy some kid was climbing a tree everyone is everywhere I did the California dance with like 7 people I’m sweating to death this is peak middle school
  13. it’s been like ten minutes is this like an actual fire and not just a goof for once
  14. wlel shes goin to turn into her bi g mean scary evil version and beat you up 🙄
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