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  2. Added! What tribe are they?
  3. Jami You couldn't see what it was... It started breaking down the door Emmie You heard a loud crash
  4. Arizona continued arguing with Prickly pear and Prickly pear looked at the Icewings.
  5. Jami She held the knife close to herself and went to the door, looking through the peephole and keeping the door shut with her body. Emmie She Put on the backpack and held the stuffie close to herself.
  6. Mussolini linguine opens the door of the rocket and looks at the new biome, he accidentally fell of and stumbled into the ground. He walks away from the rocket and into the biome to search for life forms.
  7. There was another sandwing..?
  8. Jami Something scrapped at the front door.. Emmie You packed your small backpack.
  9. (So, you want them 27 days behind?) It was Star, a pure white fox apprentice with light gray patterns, and silver eyes This fox loved annoying you most of the time, she was probably the most annoying fox in the clan.. "Hi!"
  10. "That's not even the worst part!" Foxkit's head shot up, staring into your eyes
  11. Ik this has already started, but, can I join?)
  12. She just stared at him obliviously, a smile painted her face.
  13. The icewings looked at you confused
  14. He led you to the edge of the pine trees, turned to you, and spoke: "Welcome, my friend, to the river.." he said, before disappearing behind the trees There, a pure black kit appeared from the trees, staring at you after blinking a few times Who was this..?
  15. Prickly pear swam to the surface, shivering. “Arizona t-told you...” “Sh-Shut up..” They argued.
  16. Today
  17. Jami ”Go pack your bags.” She said to her, hoisting the bag over her shoulders and taking the knife. Emmie She nodded to her sister and went back up the stairs and to her room, packing clothes and stuffed animals.
  18. A Few icewings looked around confused You ended up in a large pool of water with icewings in it. it was very cold...
  19. Jami Emmie was looking over the railing for you. Emmie Jami was stuffing stuff into her backpack.
  20. He went into Hairstreak’s room.
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