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  1. Everest looked around, flicking his ears a bit before going over and sitting back down next to the tree. He started licking the fur on his shoulders, patiently waiting for something to happen.
  2. I won't be able to do playthroughs anymore because my mom's getting rid of my laptop. (There's no way I can finish all my work on my owned so I'm doomed- and I doubt anyone in the house would want to help me)
  3. Day 1. Today, Vitality has had a cub by the name of Scorch. Perhaps this new cub will lead us to warmer lands. That’d be nice. Otherwise, this new cub may be a waste. Not like Famine didn’t already take that role. Perhaps mother will let me be the heir, then I could get rid of those that don’t serve purpose. Or perhaps, I can begin weeding out the tribe while I’m here. Mother’s going to have more cubs. That means more room for competition. I better be ready. Flurry
  4. I'd be willing to check. I don't have deformations, but I have lots of disabilities (to the point standing up is a big risk).
  5. "Yeah, well she's disgusting. Why she did it isn't really known, but she's not one to be trusted." He gave a stern look at nobody in particular, then relaxed a bit and continued walking.
  6. Jerry had a worried look, but decided not to push it. They got up as well, looking back over at Snowdove before sitting back down. They didn't know what to do, and it was starting to hurt his brain.
  7. He waited for the two before continuing. "She ate her mom. She got banished from our tribe for it, though she keeps following us. We just have to keep her away from children, she might end up hurting them."
  8. "Yeah, the pink thing that keeps following us." He said, trying not to let his annoyance at the mention slip into his tone. "She shouldn't even be here. You two should probably stay away from her, after what she did to her mom."
  9. "I don't know anything about the twins.. and I honestly don't care. Jubileze is with Timber, those kids, and the pink.. thing.. back at the tree. Haven't seen Issi, the twins, or Juniper anywhere." He refuses to actually say Forest's name because... yeah. ANYWAYS. He moves the stagmole between his paws before picking it back up in his mouth and beginning to walk. He motioned with his tail for the children to follow.
  10. "Who knows? Maybe to find an ape. Or perhaps a bearyena instead." He said with a bit more of a serious look. "But shathn't we not bother on that? She's an adult, she can take care of herself."
  11. "Au revoir!" He said with a snicker before turning to face Bubbli and Hennasire. "How about we head back to the others? I'm sure your mom misses ya, Bubs."
  12. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes with a peaceful look for a moment before perking his ears up. He then leaned his head forward with a grin, reopening his eyes. "Oh but dearie, all I ever do is listen."
  13. Welcome to the Recaw Trials! I'll be using this playthrough to test new ideas, so it may be all over the place. Just a warning. : )
  14. All playthroughs have suddenly been cancelled because my laptop crashed and deleted all my save files :')
  15. He moved the stagmole to one of his paws and gave her a bored look. "It's not like I don't already have backup. I'll be fine."
  16. He gave a confused expression before smirking and shaking his head. He wasn't about to pass up free dinner, and if it meant also getting a kick out of messing with the shortie then he's got two positives in a row! Why would he drop it?
  17. "Are you sure? I can lick any wounds!" She said, shifting her balance around awkwardly.
  18. "Nope. But I smell something else." He ran forward before leaping into the air and coming down on a stagmole. He then picked it up and pranced back over to Lanasi.
  19. (SNOWDOVE!!) "I am.." They then turned to Thettlethorn and started looking him over. "Are you okay though?" They asked worriedly, mostly looking over his neck at this point.
  20. "Yeah, Kitten. Almost killed her daughter." He mumbled, quickening his pace a bit as he caught onto some sort of scent.
  21. Jerry panicked and quickly rushed forward to bite around where Cademe's eye and ear were. She bit down as hard as she could, just trying to do something to get him off of Thettlethorn.
  22. "Try me, baby." Not the seductive kind of 'baby' I swear she's just a child-
  23. "I said it once and I'll say it again. No." He turned his head to smirk at her before sniffing at the air again. "You remind me of Kitten. She'd've been rabbil meat if I stayed any longer."
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