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  1. My understanding is that it is impossible to get Round Ears in Sandbox mode. How about perma-unlocking them (at least in Sandbox) once the player has acquired them through story mode? Sort of a lasting achievement for beating story mode.
  2. I keep hearing this "glitter" or "magic sound" in my game and then I just saw a bunch of green start sparkles around one of my nichelings. Am I imagining things?
  3. I would love this! Sort of like wolfling runs in in the old Creatures 2.
  4. Instead of having toxic body colors be random, have them be heritable, like regular fur colors. Programming-wise, perhaps have toxic colors correspond to regular fur colors (beige=yellow, chestnut=red, moss brown=green, etc.), so that there's just a toggle as to whether it is the bright toxic color or the regular color. This system would also let you could get intermediate colors, like toxic orange. White and black could serve as modifiers making pastel or darker (but still bright) colors. It just doesn't make any sense that my toxic tribe is totally psychedelic (unless they've been grooming each other and are hallucinating).
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