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    Drone names get reset

    Hi Micha, looks like it works for some of the drones (one in my case). Maybe the save file is corrupted? Attached the Saves folder, if it can help. Saves.zip
  2. Corio

    Drone names get reset

    Here it is. Slot1.nSave
  3. Corio

    Drone names get reset

    All saved drones are named "NEW DRONE", instead of my custom names (it was "The First", "The Second" etc.).
  4. "Toggle center of mass" gets reset (to off state) whenever switched to another window. The opposite is true for "Toggle editor hotkeys" (off to on). Other toggles are unaffected ("part overlap detection" and "tag bindings"). Not sure if this is a bug or is intended to be this way
  5. A comma separator is not shown in the value textblock. A value, that is entered to the textbox, is parsed incorrectly (see attached gif).
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