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  1. Currently decouplers do just that, decouple, and the two parts sort of just float there next to each-other if you are in 0G. but what id the decouplers had an explosion when triggered, no damage, only force. and when you selected the part you could increase/decrease the explosion force and choose a 0-180 degree explosion direction? this feature could also apply to my recoupler idea and to the factory block if it works well. (maybe not the factory block, that part is overpowered enough already)
  2. Yup! thats the idea, the energy beam would bend and curve and all that, and re couplers can only recouple to the parts that they were once coupled with. furthermore the tractor beam thing can only apply so much force, so you could end up with some interesting physics based problems to work around if both parts being decoupled have thrusters.
  3. like the decoupler, although the two separated parts are connected by a faint energy beam. and when the assigned key is pressed the two parts are pulled together and rejoin, allowing them to be decoupled a second or third time. it would make it much more fun to have mini-drones in our builds.
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