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  1. @micha thanks, but when I click the link it tells me the article cannot be edited? Sorry to be such a bother!
  2. Hey, I've been googling this problem extensively and I've tried all the things recommended. I think the issue I'm encountering if that the image scaling is not working in tandem with my nvidia geforce graphics card. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the cache, I've run as an admin, I've put through all the processes on steam checking validity etc. I've adapted the graphics display on the intel system, but I cannot open Niche via the geforce nvidia. I will describe what happens because a screenshot will not help, I do not know how to tell you what version of the game I've got. When I open the game at first there is silence, the little button appears on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Then after about 30 seconds the music starts to play, when I scroll my mouse over the screen it makes little button reactive sounds but the screen is still displaying the steam login, in order to exit I have to ctrl esc and then close the button at the bottom of the screen. I haven't played since my windows last updated, I tried to deal with it then but it didn't work and I gave up, I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the games on my computer from steam since then - but I'm still encountering this problem. What do I do!!!! I want to play the game but I don't believe I can at this point.
  3. @Renio2490Like, before you click the button to start a new game. How long do you wait? Do you start straight away?
  4. I just got hit hard by the whale island and lost my tribe on day like 680, how long do you wait before going again? I was so miffed as well! But I can unlock those genes again someday haha. I feel like I'm entering a period of mourning for all the time I spent chasing the dreammm
  5. Yeah, I’ve been to the left and right several times but still no northern island exit. So I don’t really know what to do next, just keep going onto same difficulty islands? Also very little swamp land, poisonous berry bushes or predator attacks. I think I have been to whale island though and have a whole line of winged animals.
  6. I'm on day 480 and I've been through like at least 12 islands, but still no challenge island options? What am I doing wrong?!
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