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  1. guys quick give me something to doodle i have to sit here for the next half hour doing nothing cos i finished my midterm early and i just got a throwback to when i doodled things last year after midterms and i wanna do it again. any that i dont finish today ill finish tmr or friday or monday 😍😍
  2. RAHHH CONGRATS MOD MOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yeah i think i like this song a normal amount 😇😇😇 ft teagan cos i never draw her but she’s cool
  4. important song guys //swear warning//
  5. wow dw guys there is plenty of me to bully!!!!!
  6. what is the bully pepper TRIO
  8. ok taki tako takoyama melon nicheling kestrel path
  9. you’re welcome!!!! i’m glad you like it !
  10. she’s having a fun time rn i don’t think all of these are gonna be this high effort cos that would take ages i just got really carried away with this one here 😢😢😢 she’s such a fun character ty for submitting her !!!
  11. i need to stop looking at old topics on here
  12. full disclosure this might just become like all my other request topics where i just ignore all the requests and eventually forget about the topics existence but we’ll see how it goes 😇
  13. rrrrrrrr i’m feeling so nostalgic rn let’s throwback to 2019 please give me your nichelings to draw you can tell me a bit about their personality too if you want or if you want a specific background etc etc i just wanna draw more nichelings 😔
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