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  1. This is cool! And the hives produce food (honey ...) and only creatures with 'thick fur' could collect it.
  2. As of now there are two different game types, Story or Sandbox mode. I feel a feature to be able to create your starting male and female would bring a nice personal touch to this game. With this feature you would be able to add your own characters, creatures that are made to survive better in the environment you choose or just to go wild with creating what ever you want! This would also make it easier to start your game on the harder islands as most of the time the starter randomized creatures don't suit the island type you have chosen and it makes it almost impossible to survive for too long on these islands. It would also be really fun to explore some of the rarer genes that take a long time to gain access to on the gene menu while playing. I know this would make this game even better and more fun to play than it already is. Please vote, I really think it will be a lot of fun to play using our own creations!
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