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  1. Just a reminder, I am currently making¬†concept art to show how these nests may look in gameūüź£

    edit: I will be unable to post for about a week after I post this and have little access to internet so I will post the concept art soon

  2. On 4/8/2019 at 6:17 PM, Biogamer said:

    Ah objection (insert semi-serious face). This would kind of follow a similar idea to the diversity of horns.

    hmm I see, so it is very recessive, seems like a fair balance, megaloceros horns work a similar way

    edit: oh wait it isn't since you have to rely on RNG to get megaloceros horns and you only need to attack stuff with venom 50 times to get this stinger, still too op

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  3. 1 minute ago, Biogamer said:

    I know but I think that because niche wasn't technically accurate with somethings. So I thought instead of producing more sexual dimorph genes that would provide no effect for specific genders I wanted to add some diversity.

    ok I see, but tbh scorpion tail would be useless with this thing around

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  4. 52 minutes ago, ravenkiko said:

    I like the ideas but the building costs are too drastically  high/low imo. I get the benefits and cons of the different nests warrant the costs in your mind but to me just seems like the building costs would really skew the difficulty of the game in certain situations.

    PS I suggested a sort of minor reverse button that might help with nest building if you built a nest and didn't mean to (therefore just undoing and not wasting precious material).

    hmm... maybe if you immediately build then destroy these, they give back all material

    I made the long-lasting nest last 10 days and require 15 material to build and 8 to maintain because for an extra 5 material, you get 5 extra days. You don't need to build it if you really wanna rush away or pass through the island but it is handy nonetheless for long stays, the long term benefits are larger than the short term costs

    The quick nest was for last resorts that don't expend that much material, such as a nearly dead mom or just keeping those freaking dodomingoes away, because the long term costs out weight the short term benefits

  5. On 4/6/2019 at 10:31 PM, Pokestardragacraft said:

    I like the idea! Although I have a couple of questions: Would it only be able to be built on shores considering it’s mechanics? How would the added stats of the hole next work?

    Also here are some other nest suggestions:


    interesting that you mention those posts, I think I had read those before and they are very nice and well thought out, but mine is more concerned with the functionality of nests like the burrow, but I am exploring more ideas

    The floating nest, yes, can be built while a nicheling is on a shoreline in an adjacent water tile, but can also be built offshore or next to other floating nests, the idea was that swimming creatures could build them in case their babies weren't fully aquatic or had a chance to not have water breathing and would immediately drown, losing a tribemate and simply wasting your food, or if they had water breathing, they could just hop down into the water and swim away, the floating nest is just to add some safety and to nest away from bearyena and other land-bound hunters without fear of an ambushed and totally screwed mum or a scummy one shot to the defenseless baby, doesn't work against bluebirds and leeches though, I think I should add that standing on one of these means the nicheling is on a high place, basically letting you see into deeper water much more easily to catch food

    The hole nest would work on any nicheling standing in the hole, even babies just born in the hole will receive these benefits, but it would not work on nichelings standing around the hole

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  6. Maybe there should be an option in the menu, a gene(more bird beak/other part usefulness?) or have there be a random chance for alternative nests?

    It will work like this, when a pregnant nicheling want to build a nest, they can either build a normal nest(which seems like it would subtract from camouflage and stealth in some biomes, especially jungles and mountains seeing as it appears to be made out of hay and is tan in color, standing out against literally everything else) or they can make an alternative, more varied nest

    some examples may include:

    Hole nest:

    - requires 5 material and at least 1 digging to construct, but consumes 2 energy to construct

    - needs 1 digging and 3 material to reconstruct(also requires 2 energy), lasting for 4 days without degrading

    - provides +1 heat resistance, +1 cold resistance and +2 camouflage(does not stack with grass) to any nicheling standing in it

    - can only be made on dirt(mountains count as dirt) and sand

    - based on killdeer nests but with a little nesting material in it

    - most useful in grasslands, savannah and mountain biomes but also have use in jungles

    - gives 3 material when destroyed


    Floating nest:

    - requires 11 material and 3 swimming to construct, and 5 material for repairs

    - provides a platform to birth young outside of water, granting extended vision(like a stump or tree) or to simply not drown

    - can only be made in water(you can stand on the shore while making it too)

    - based on nests of waterfowl, composed of algae, grass and branches

    - useful as a place to have babies in relative safety or as a bridge across large stretches of water

    - gives 6 material back when destroyed and lasts for 6 days without degrading


    Long-lasting nest

    - requires 15 material to construct(maybe bird beak too), but 8 for repairs

    - lasts for 10 days without degradation

    - looks like a very elaborate and big nest, with sticks, leaves, flora from the biome it's in as well as normal nesting material

    - useful when you are gathering food for a long time on an island and need to make as many babies as possible

    - gives 8 material back when destroyed


    Quick nest

    - requires 5 material to build, and 2 material for repairs

    - lasts for 2 days only before degrading

    - looks like a very shoddy and hastily made nest with some holes and ragged edges

    - useful for when the pregnant nicheling is about to die away from a nest or when you are low on nest material

    - gives 3 material back when destroyed


    Related and very interesting posts that inspired this one :) :

    I have made a few more changes to make this a bit more useful and(possibly) balanced

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  7. 5 hours ago, cotanbunny said:

    I think the "Offer 5 food" thing is very easy- perhaps some nichelings know they're better off, and need more food. Maybe some can be brought in when breed with- staying for their new family. Some nichelings that cannot collect may know their place and require less food, if any at all. 

    marvelous, maybe the nichelings that cannot collect will go hunt/fish or do anything to get food for the tribe, sounds interesting to have something to compete with for fish and nuts, imagine the roleplay potential :)

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  8. 16 hours ago, BirdsAreCool said:


    @Fishyfishyfishy500 the platypus beak is also an underwater type gene but it doesn't give underwater breathing

    Imo any creatures that have a decent amount of swimming should be able to "float" (swim with their head above the surface) because many aquatic creatures can't breathe underwater (cetaceans, pinnipeds, polar bears, crocodiles, basically anything that's a mammal, reptile or bird) They shouldn't drown when they're in deep water because they have the swimming ability to surface and breathe

    I agree that the body should have defense: the stats could be changed to +2 cold resistance and +1 defense

    so the higher their swimming is, the longer they can tread water? sounds good :)

  9. it can't swim around at all without drowning though, unless you're in a river or very shallow sea(even that is a gamble, as the third dimension applies to swimming nichelings because if the head goes under they start to drown), nichelings don't float by the way, unlike seals, maybe the blubber body should give a special "float" mechanic that prevents you from sinking if you are out in deep water but only lasts for a certain number of days, maybe 7-12 days without land/walkable ground is good? Also make baby nichelings not float like real seal pups, but as they become juvies/teens they can float

    it could possibly work like this:

    effects: float

    - your nicheling is floating over deep water, preventing drowning

    duration: number of days left


    and finally this(give it at least 1 fishing) :

    blubber also functions as at least decent armor(hey it's better than a thin coat of fur) which would give them +1 defense and maybe you should have made this a sea lion set instead? It would have similar stats to the leopard seal set and made more sense as their flippers are longer and are not the equivalent of nubs

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