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  1. I just did this mission today and it was not bad at all, thats the type of missions i'm talking about but even harder.
  2. I've seen suggestions like this one before and apparently they dont plan to add coop mod, but with good ideas, everything can happens. I'll follow this
  3. As you progress in the game , it would be bigger planets and longer/harder missions on it. All this would maybe force the player to build bigger drones in order to complete all the objectives (3 or 4 max objectives maybe) and also farm the ressources. The second point would be the possibility to "scan" planets where you are on top of and see the ressources on it, like you can do it during the mission. It would be a perk that you can gain by doing mission or buy it in a shop. Also, the miner captain could have this perk as a starter perk.
  4. For all of what i've seen so far in the solo mod (19 hours of gameplay at the moment) , i've met only 1 boss snake and thats it. Maybe adding some missions to destroy corporation drones that are big, or maybe they are protecting something. Same for huge animals. Those missions would be in special area like casino or temple etc. Hoping that i dont flop cause i havent played enough yet and missed something ^^
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