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  1. This is a feature that is found in Cosmoteer, SimplePlanes and SimpleRockets, and is also quite useful.
  2. Perhaps a register to hold a number that acts in concert with logic parts and other parts too.
  3. To hold single unit parts made from a Factory or something grabbed previously by a magnet. EDIT. I just realized one could make a crude bin out of basic parts.
  4. Not sure if this was mentioned or if the part even exists under another name, but perhaps a stubby tube to carry a factory-made part from one part of the drone to another.
  5. Imagine making one of those Japanese robots that come apart and back together like Voltron out of drones with that ability.
  6. Hi there. I'm from Canada, and have been a Steam account owner for a few years now, my first being SimpleRockets (the first one, not SimpleRockets 2...which I also have). I like open-ended games where you design things to see if they work. This all started during my Doom days where I would create WAD level files. I've always enjoyed the instant action aspects of games where you create custom missions and maps (Activision and Blizzard have games that allow you to do this on the side). Steam offerings like Airships Conquer The Skies, SimpleRockets 2, (to be released) Cosmoteer, and Fa
  7. I've noticed (at least in the sandbox mode) resources can respawn after I press ESC > Return to Hanger. This means I could, in theory, have an infinite supply of mine-able materials. That's good news. The bad news is the critters that I killed will come back to life as well. Unless I changed the parameters of the world (mission type, theme, diff, etc), the resources and the critters should not respawn.
  8. In the Testflight area area, get rid of "Add Enemies", replace with "Add enemy type". This includes but not limited to fireflies, snakes, hammerheads, fire and ice mantas, enemy drones. New feature: Add resources to test mining drone designs. There should be a floating resource bin added automatically the moment you start adding say "gold" to the arena.
  9. .....there should be an encouple. Actually make it simpler: get rid of decouple and replace it with either a "clamp" or "dock" that allows you to rejoin what you decoupled.
  10. Seriously. Why is this not a thing?
  11. Hi. Great game, enjoying it so far but I'm finding the current sandbox builder very limiting. Yes, it's great that I can change the mission type, planet, theme, and difficulty level of a planetary engagement by using presets, but the presets are not always the same depending on (possibly) the seed generator and (more likely) the encounter level on the planet. Sometimes the combinations will not work and might actually make the encounter unwinnable even with the diff level set to Easy. I am a fan of the "instant action" sandbox options offered by Blizzard's Warcraft III and Starcraft game
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