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  1. The isolator is a logic part that makes any logic parts that is activated on a separate drone like a factory drone that was duplicated and decupled. Now say if that drone haves a directional sensor and it was set to detect a enemy and it follows it using the thrusters now say if you duplicated another one with the same thruster key binding, they are going to interfere with one another but this is where the Isolator comes in. Now put the Isolator on that factory drone and then summon 2 of them, they will not interfere with anything same bindings of any drone unless if it is connected to that fa
  2. Isolater is a logistic part that acts slimier to the logic splitter but say if you have a decoupled mini drone not controlled by the player or a factory drone again not controlled by the player and they have the Isolater on them and any non player input on that drone will not go through to anything that haves the same input on it unless if it is connected to the drone with the isolater or is connected to the isolater. and this can lead to not having any trouble with multiple spawned factory drones that haves the same inputs and prevents needing multiple factory and having to manually change th
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