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  1. Just now, __________________________ said:

    "Why? Because your mother told you that you were 'big and scary'?" The female sneered.

    "River, enough." A fourth fox growled.

    The female backed away, a look of defeat and annoyance in her eyes.

    The fourth fox, a tan male, approached Storm, "Where are you headed?"

    Lynx said "To the Mooncave" 

  2. 1 hour ago, __________________________ said:

    Storm put a paw in front of you, and cast tou a warning glance.

    "Oh? And what is you're name?" A fox that looked kinda like Storm spoke, but instead of dark gray, she was silver-black.

    The female nudged you.

    "My name's Lynx" he said, nodding at his mentor

  3. Just now, __________________________ said:


    Opalfinch dig her claws into the ground to stop herself from jumping out of her hiding spot and standing up to the mentor.


    The apprentice took a breath and sniffed the air. He walked away from his mentor and you 

    (He is actually from Flightclan, these rogues stole him from Flightclan)

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  4. Just now, __________________________ said:

    "It's Storm and his trainee." Another fox spoke.

    "Go away, Thrush." Storm growled.

    "Oh come on, Storm. Have some fun for once,"

    Lynx stood next to his mentor and got into a ready position

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