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  1. You follow the kit until you see a makeshift camp Your father comes over
  2. That's what i'm doing currently
  3. Your mother runs up to you, "There you are" she said, "I worried about you"
  4. The kit-apprentice nodded and sniffed the air. He continued on
  5. The seawing walked over and picked up the gem, "I think you dropped this" he said
  6. The trunk was still there, considering that the kit-apprentice was very light
  7. He laid down in front of the crystal his mentor led him to
  8. He slowly jumped across making sure it was stable, "It's stable
  9. The kit looked around and spotted a tree trunk. He walked over and noticed a piece of fur was sticking up, "We can use this" he mewed
  10. Dustpaw wondered why the scent was following him
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