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  1. First and foremost great demo! This game is a gem already and I think its taken inspiration from Nausicaa Valley of the wind??? Feedback - Great soundtrack, game mechanics, with depth and management aplenty. - Difficulty: Was perfect I thought, I played once and died an early death to poison and spores, the second time around I prioritised some decontaminators and successfully fought off the spores easily many times. - Population: Only receiving population from the map is a bit limiting, it meant decisions on direction were even more important and often felt like luck to find people to join you. -Limited tech tree: I understand it was the demo but my latest playthrough I had researched almost all the techs from the tree. Suggestions/Ideas - Population Growth: Include children possibly or have a small ability to reproduce and have children. I don't think this needs to be the priority for population growth that can still come from the environment I think. But maybe a option is have birthing on and the balancing act is a villager has to be a 'parent' whilst you have a child in population for certain duration. - Expanded tech tree: This maybe part of the final release but seeing a much more detailed tech tree to expand the research options and timeline. Seeing more to unlock other food types, housing options, production, exploration (Think gliders for rapid explore!!!) buildings (Fabric for Onbu bandaids!). - Environment interaction: I love the exploring parties but need more dynamic exploring, maybe have events can possibly be triggered when venturing out into the world? - Meeting another Onbu: Would be awesome to harvest materials quickly and it may or may not have another village on it which you can talk/trade/attack for resources and people etc. Meeting another onbu could give a positive effect, say movement boost to yours. -Visuals for Onbu: Having visual changes to the onbu when poisoned would add to the feel of the game and being able to tell when higher damage, posion, hunger etc. Also the onbu doctor would be cool if had a animation when petting and giving herbs etc
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