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  1. I think I figured it out, I didn't realize when Onbu lays down in some biomes he is in poor air quality. Experience gained through game play time.
  2. Hi everyone! Just started playing the Wandering Village again with their next Beta intake (much excite!). I am having some troubles finding where this poison is coming from. I'm pretty early in my playthrough this time and I haven't come across any poison storms, I did pick up two "poisoned" nomads but my doctors cured them immediately. Now my Onbu keeps taking slow ticks of poison damage and my Onbu doctor curing him didn't fix the problem. Even after a full cure Onbu persists in taking poison. My villagers are having the same problem, there has constantly been a villager poisoned when I can't see anything on the map making it sick. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Greetings all! I just got my beta key last night! I'm very excited to get back to playing and seeing the changes as the game progresses!
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