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I have been playing Nimbatus for a good while and have managed to discover a good little chunk of the Galaxy. Some of the things on this wish list may have been undiscovered by me as of yet.


Harder Enemies-

like in the Battle Area but on planets. Maybe if you in a hostile area and have taken too many materials from a rich planet some bounty hunters will come after you. in general would like to see the difficulty scale a bit more.


Planet w/ EMP-

Cause the ship to disable any direct input and must drill or solve problem with AI.


A reason to not (always) build amazingly large ships-

Maybe traps that explode with stray shots sending out death lasers or something like that. I made a whole video about making a giant ship and there was nothing that could stop me from beating every planet.

there should be something that keeps me from stomping all over every planet/ mission. My one drone should not be a one size fits all.


Maybe as you progress through the game you earn the ability to make ships with more and more parts. Right now I feel like I am stomping every enemy in a fraction of a second with no real challenge.


Explain a couple items-

1. How to mine materials I was lost for a long time. Turns out you you can click on the center of your ship while in the ship building mode and assign a key to launch mini drones that will harvest materials. I have yet to do this and have no idea what the materials are for, or if they are converted into money right away.

2. Explain the different weapon types and what they are good for. I know there are bio, EMP and I think energy weapons. Do the Bio weapons kill living enemies better? do the energy weapons have a harder time digging?

3. Is there a back story? Is there a reason why we are making drones and going around the galaxy mining materials other than for fun?


Race track/ asteroid field-

sprinkle in some levels that are steroid fields that require you to build a small ship to get through an area quickly. Harder levels can have turrets located on the asteroids that will try to shoot you mid race.

Those are just a few of my ideas. let me know what you think and what some of your ideas are. I cant wait to see what this game turns into.


Overall I am having an absolute blast with this game and see it catching on and becoming something really great. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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