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Simple challenge, start out with 4 compatible nichelings, 3 males, 1 female, now make all the males brawl to the death, having the winner breed. Now, you can only ever have a single adult male in the tribe. This males sole job is to breed, and defend. The females and male both hunt, though. Keep the kits until adulthood, or, for a bit of added difficulty that costs less food, only keep male cubs at the last day of the adult males life, giving you a single chance to have a compatible male. Turn off friendly bearyenas and the rest is your choice, just keep the nichlings random, and make up a battle system. 

if there isnt a male in the tribe at any given time, all kits are instantly killed along with any pregnant females. All but 1 female in the tribe gets No Paw, and Blindness in the mutation menu. The remaining female is left alone, if a female has mutation slots taken, they also die. The next invited male is forced to be blind, with double no paw, and another gene that you dislike in any of the other spots. If the only male is still a kit, everything is fine. All female wanders are instantly invited, and male wanders have a 50-50 chance of battling with the current main male for the tribe.

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Wanted to turn not having a main male into utter pain
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