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  1. A new purpose to wings, and a new gene that allows total flight, along with climbing.Bird island: A terribly steep and jagged island, a medium to large size covered in rocks, burnt/dead trees and blue birds. On the burnt/dead trees will every once in awhile be nests, New nests are also made every 10-25 days. A bare minimum of 5 blue birds is constantly on the island. These birds also look slightly different, and have health, better attack, and the ability to land. Randomly, the birds dive down and attack adult creature/creatures if not enough small prey is caught. All nicheling bones attract these birds, and they swarm it aggressively. Sometimes you'll find blue bird bones too here. Theres plenty of natural nests and stumps everywhere, but little to no grass. Its all rock, sand, and gravel. If you step on gravel your creature gets a slip effect, that does 2 damage. Gravel looks alike to the rock its intermingled with. Bigger creatures take more damage then smaller or medium creatures. Young creatures take little damage unless they have the baby effect, then it becomes a high chance of a predator attacking or spawning.Bigger creatures: Big body, Heat body, Armored body, Toxic body, Mammoths foot, Hammer tail, Sabretooth fangs, Mega horns (all ice genes) (4 damage)Medium creatures: Medium body, Water body (2 damage)Small creatures: Lean body, Velvet paw (1 damage)Teen creatures: 1 damageChild creatures: Same effect as twig + 1 damageBaby creatures: Same effect as twig + 2 damageThe islands creatures are: Ram foxesBearyenasMother bearyenasBaby bearyenasKiller bearyenasWolx (Wolf/Fox)Wolx is a creature that does 2 turns, has 20 health, does 3 damage an attack, has 2 defence attacks in packs of 3-10 (depends on tribe size, 10 or less creatures will be attack by 5 or less at most.) It has a male, female, and cub form. Cubs are worth 1 food, while adults are worth 6Now for the islands genesBird body: Be attacked by a blue bird 20 times, Steal from a blue bird nest 5 times, be on the island for 50 days (Gives 4 flying when creature has wings, -2 defense, +5 damage when attacking from the sky.)Bird hind legs: Fly 60 times (+2 damage, +4 damage when attacking from the sky. 2 movement speed, 1 swimming +1 drowning damage.)Climbing body: Destroy 30 rocks. (Able to climb trees, dead trees, rocks, steep cliff, jungle trees. +3 movement speed +1 climbing, +1 defense, +1 attack, Rocks aren't rendered as in the way either, so just phase on through em lol)Climbing paw: Climb 70 times (+2 movement speed, +1 swimming)Prehensile tail: Spend 25 days in any jungle, Spend 30 days on Bird island, Collect 10 times (Allows adult creatures to swing from tree to tree in a 3 tile radius, +1 collecting) All genes listed that arent in game are all considered small creatures, along with respective paws.
  2. yeaa if you stay on mainland you dont have time to breed stay on an island everyone starves
  3. Start with as many creatures as possible with as many immunity’s as possible. Set all age settings to 1 besides adult. Set adult to 3, and pregnancy duration to 1. give your creatures: big ears, long nose, double nimble fingers, lean body, normal hind legs, and stinky tail. you can swap nimble fingers with runner paw or velvet paw, but i suggest to keep the cracking. You cant use the mutation menu or invite wanders, at all. blind gene mode is completely optional here. Start with 100 food and 100 nesting material. Now spawn on deadly hills. Goodluck.
  4. Simple challenge, start out with 4 compatible nichelings, 3 males, 1 female, now make all the males brawl to the death, having the winner breed. Now, you can only ever have a single adult male in the tribe. This males sole job is to breed, and defend. The females and male both hunt, though. Keep the kits until adulthood, or, for a bit of added difficulty that costs less food, only keep male cubs at the last day of the adult males life, giving you a single chance to have a compatible male. Turn off friendly bearyenas and the rest is your choice, just keep the nichlings random, and make up a battle system. if there isnt a male in the tribe at any given time, all kits are instantly killed along with any pregnant females. All but 1 female in the tribe gets No Paw, and Blindness in the mutation menu. The remaining female is left alone, if a female has mutation slots taken, they also die. The next invited male is forced to be blind, with double no paw, and another gene that you dislike in any of the other spots. If the only male is still a kit, everything is fine. All female wanders are instantly invited, and male wanders have a 50-50 chance of battling with the current main male for the tribe.
  5. this would speed up my murder of sick children goal to help sick children I get from inbred totally not inbred familys pairs
  6. rock aggressively comes out of the ground around your nichelings, forming a circle
  7. yes, I also remember eve and adam, the first eve and adam, and the first nests.. ah, how much I miss it
  8. this would encourage me to actually play with singular nichelings, as well, all nichelings aren't going to just stand there, stand there while I murder the helpless thing
  9. looks epic, but if it was implemented i'd probs die of lag because my computer struggles to handle niche tbh, still, upvoting cause lag is epic lol
  10. cool idea, but it'd be a bit op considering how dominant a gene that already has thumbs is still, you'd have to wait for stuff to die and then go find it
  11. would it be legal to fight to the death to keep these things safe from bluebirds? I totally don't think they are adorable
  12. This would actually just make my life of trying to keep my tribe identical easier
  13. sobs in too broke to get the game, despite loving it and no playthroughs of it are long enough
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