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  1. 5 hours ago, Lizardcake said:

    Okay, so we've got the main character's appearance and backstory...

    what about personality?

    Extroverted, hates being alone. Has a fear of being forgotten. Pretty easy to get along with, but may become annoyingly clingy once they get more comfortable with you. Very trustworthy. Doesn't get angry quickly, but will hold a grudge if they do.

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  2. On 1/23/2022 at 7:09 AM, Turtle said:

    old post of mine, but for those that still see this, i would like to say that the people that think doing challenges or going to the savvanah is how you make this game harder and in consequence more fun miss the point
    theres a difference between a game being difficult and a game being punishing, to make a game more punishing is to let there be more of a negative effect if you make a bad play, to make a game more difficult is to make a game more rewarding when you make a good play
    going to the savvanah doesnt make the game more difficult, just more punishing because savvanah lacks food amongst other things that just make it painful to play there
    harder settings doesnt make the game more strategic, the gameplay is the same, its just that if u mess up now, the consequences are just that much more worse

    when people say 'just do a challenge or go to a difficult biome' its the equivalent to 'oh the minecraft zombies are too boring to fight?? just make them all spawn with strength 4 and speed 3, that will make it more fun ")'

    Oh... Sorry about that. I see your point now

  3. Ground-Ivy and Amethesia go on about their lives. They both have decided that Anemone was in the wrong to judge their life decisions. Little Thornuk is bornkuva.thumb.png.06273aeaacce012547f9a6f7dd63ec00.png

     Meanwhile a bearyena attacks the clearingkuva.thumb.png.46ec7a72fe856370ac6dc5901572e484.png 

    It is defeated. Anemone and Coltsfoot become mateskuva.thumb.png.190dbe8742940568b45f7e641c86483d.png

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  4. Thistle dies, leaving his children on their ownkuva.thumb.png.54cf40265151275eaf72a4807bdfd4ab.png

    Anemone, who is still mad at her brother, returns to the clearing only to find that she doesn't recognize anyone 

    "Who are you? Where's Buckthorn? Or Cowslip and Thistle?"

    "Who are you and how do you know our father?" responds Bluebell.

    "I'm Anemone. My father left this pack when I was young"

    "I'm Bluebell and these are my siblings Violet and Coltsfoot. What are you doing here?"

    "I..." She looks back at the way she came from. "I just wanted to return to my childhood pack" she says without mentioning her brother.

    "Well, sorry to disappoint, but they're dead. You can still join us if you'd like"kuva.thumb.png.9eba44ea7e6f0b2426f05500c53323a4.png

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  5. The traveling siblings find a local. She introduces herself as Amethesia.

    "That's an odd name" says Anemone 

    "Says a nicheling who's named after a plant" Amethesia responds


    Having been too young to remember anyone but his sister and vaguely his father, Ground-Ivy falls in love at first sight. Anemone is skeptical of this relationship. She's especially sure that her brother isn't ready to be a father. Regardless, little Emeferna is bornkuva.thumb.png.222fc86c3c2aae4edad7d064f2f1474d.png

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  6. Acorn watches little Coltsfoot take his first steps out of the nest.

    "I'll give it a try"

    "But what if it's poisonous? You could die!" Cowslip protests

    "I'm going to die soon anyway. I need to know wether I should keep my children away from plants like that or not"

    Acorn eats the fruit. To her surprise she immediately feels better. For a moment breathing becomes easierkuva.thumb.png.a0a2a49a7c90104dcce03a9545e69679.png

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