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  1. Hi, In sandbox settings, fur color is not applied to toxic body when you click "show possible animal". Instead, a blue color is shown. Nice 1.2.3 on Windows 10 x64, nvidia gtx 1070. Examples attached.
  2. In Niche there are currently 4 age levels: Baby, Child, Teen, Adult. I'm missing the elderly, and more in general the effects of advancing age. Some ideas regarding this age level would be: infertility a decline in sensory ability (seeing hearing smelling)
  3. The reason most birds (and aquatic animals) don't have outer ears is because of drag. That works two ways: For one having floppy outer ears can hamper the ability to fly/swim and for two, drag causes noise, which in turn actually makes it difficult to hear anything else while flying/swimming. Stick your head out of the window of a moving car and I'm sure you know what I mean. Still, I don't agree that having a beak should automatically disable ears. If anything, evolution is a gradual process and Niche reflects that quite elegantly. A more subtle solution that I'd like to see is as follow
  4. I think (hope) this is a relatively small suggestion, but it would definitely make my life a lot more convenient: I'd like to be able to select which genes to mutate for an animal from the family tree screen. It gives a way better overview than having to cycle between the gene and mutation interfaces. Especially when managing larger populations (I'm keeping my current one at around 100 nichelings) you get confused quickly with who's who and what to do with them. This would help me a lot.
  5. Hellos, I've been looking for a way to customize the list of names that is used to name new Nichelings. I was told on Discord that it's possible to do so but sadly I haven't been able to figure out how. Any pointers? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for all your comments. Based on what I'm reading, perhaps a middle ground can be found in the following: You need to have the skill to get an actual +1 bonus If you don't have the skill, you don't get +1, but an increased chance of success at trying. It's not as good as getting a +1 but it may still be worth the trouble.
  7. Although it's an extreme example, animals tend to come up with unexpected solutions for these kind of issues. You can throw it up high in the air and let gravity do the trick (corvids do this). You can take two nuts and push them together (yes I think you'd be able to hold things with a derp snout as well) until the weaker nut breaks. You may not have much use for finger techniques, but seeing what it takes to break a nut is useful in any case. Of course, I get your point that there are some major differences between real life and niche, but I think that was abundantly clear in how the ga
  8. Thanks for your comments. I realize that my post does not fit well with the whole voting thing that's been implemented; that works great for more fleshed out features and not for small tweaks like mine. I'll definitely look into the posts linked though.
  9. What defines our behavior? Our genes or our upbringing? It's a question that's been the subject of heated debate for a long time, with consensus shifting from time to time to favoring either camp. Niche, in it's present state, clearly takes the "nature" stance. A nicheling's abilities are entirely defined by their genetics. What I'm suggesting is to introduce a little bit of "nurture" into the game. Sure, sharp claws will help you fish or fight, but so would an older nicheling showing you the ropes of how it's done! This could work by counting up all actions performed by an adult wit
  10. Lemodile


    I don't know about structures, but it makes sense to me that certain mutations / adaptations have an effect on how / where animals nest. While as per always exceptions exist, it's not very logical to nest on the ground when you can fly. Or breed on land when you spend all your life in the water. Additional nest options could reflect this and in that sense the suggestion could work for me.
  11. I'm fairly new to Niche and although I greatly enjoy it, I'd like some additions from a population management / quality of life perspective. Since I can describe most in a single line I don't think they all warrant separate threads. Filtering / Family tree view If I apply a filter I can't see anymore whether the filtered animal still lives or is only visible as a dead parent to a living animal. It would be nice to still make this distinction, for example by prefixing names of dead animals with an icon (skull? cross?). I can only enter family tree view if I select an an
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