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  1. I've been working on a simple drone in order to try out what the new galaxy has to offer. (previous beta builds poofed away) I want my drone to tilt towards the mouse since i like to pilot using left/right to strafe and leaving the directions the sensors. The Problem: The drone keeps bobbing left and right when adjusting its angle to the mouse. I'm looking for : - A fast progressive stabilisation, not a never ending bobbing ride. - Using only one directional sensor. I want my drone light. - 4 Thrusters only. Or at least as little as you can. The kind of thruster doesnt matter as long as it's controllable. - Logic parts on the other hand are not an issue as they'll be aboard an orbital satellite. Try to keep it simple though. - Directional sensor must be null. That means no tolerance. I want precision (I use it backwards, yes) - For perfection purposes, I want it to stabilise in a frictionless environment, too. That means no bobbing without air resistance, too. Pretty sure most of you experienced this issue so let's settle this problem once and for all with a contest. First to fullfill my request gets a glass of water (though i won't pay the transportation costs so you'll have to go get it yourself. Also you'll have to return the glass). That's pretty much it. Thanks for reading
  2. I've used them a bit when i made swarm drones or deployable units, however it's was kind of a pain to activate them once deployed as they either had to detect their deployment or be kept activated. I'm suggesting to add at least one exception keybind, so that a command can pass through the splitter and complete whatever business needs to be done on the other side.
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