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  1. not rlly, im a student and its just gonna be on slides for me and my friends, my own continent, dragons, and features to the book. Just another continent somewhere in the WoF world
  2. could i please have one? i don't care which. btw, whats ur user?
  3. Btw, this is my 1st dragon, Sterren!
  4. i thought so, just making sure
  5. GrimGreen (cause i base usernames off other usernames lol)
  6. I just joined flight rising!
  7. im making a Wof book! but only one copy
  8. So, ima make a warriors sim... thats all u need to know Oh, and also put other names, places, and settings here in the comments!
  9. (excuse me, may i use this to create my own warrior cats sim? also sorry if i ruined the mood)
  10. Hi again, its me! So i was thinking about this for a while, trees with permanent nests in them and trees with multiple spots for nichelings to go on. Then i thought, why not put them together? so i thought of a roosing tree! But there should be a catch to having a large tree with lots of spots and permanent nests, in comes birbees. They have essentially take over this tree in little flocks/hives of 10-20 of them. They sting you if you get to close to the tree. (stings do one days worth of damage) You could either get creatures with armor to attack them, (birbees attack in groups) or give them food, this will stop them stinging you for a while. When they want more food with will make a ring around the nicheling who gave it food before, sort of asking for food. They will sting that nicheling until it gives them more food, or gets killed in the prosess. Thanks for reading! Btw, this is a birbee/hummingbee (thats what my family calls it.)
  11. i think it would be random, but most likely more useful stats, like attack, armor ability, collecting ability, ect.
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