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  1. i was going to say that but all these notifications are having me jump around a lot ;-;
  2. wow, i'm on a role today! If we look at nichelings as wolf-like creatures with this pack standpoint thing, (alpha, beta, omega) then we should maybe have some more wolf-like interactions. and i know this sounds cruel, but in the wild omegas are kind of used like stress relieving punching bags for higher ranked wolves. We could maybe add something like this to niche, only this interaction would only be one days worth of damage, and they will heal over time. Going with this, there might come a stress effect when food is scarce, there are lots of predators, or there are lots of babys to tend to. Thanks for reading! EDIT: i should have said this before, but, stress with either nerf, or render useless some stats
  3. again, thank u guys for stopping to check this out
  4. Tysm 1st person to to like my art, glad u stopped by
  5. 1st one, heres my WoF oc called sunset. Shes a optimistic sea/night wing that loves thing that make cool noises and shiny things
  6. I just want a place so my art can be noticed, feel free to add your own art!
  7. I could even collie it better! I'm sorry I had to
  8. I have a talent for making jokes and puns, although they r not that punny
  9. so it looks like i'm on all the time
  10. I'm not home schooled but I always have the stray fawn studios website up
  11. GreenTheGreat

    Pixel art?

    I have a creature for u to turn into pixel art!
  12. ive been trying to find this for the longest time!
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