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  1. seems like a good idea, sure
  2. I would if I was home, but sadly, I won't be home until tomorrow :<
  3. Dw in New severs it's fixed!
  4. Updated it once again! Mainly relationships The very bottom lists Nyx and you might want to go look :))
  5. Thank you, I think the big cartoony eyes and thick lines help :>> (oh thank you for telling me!)
  6. His name is skyline and I love him
  7. Green

    SFS art

    Did one more! This Is Love (a Nyx Animation/Animatic) Sorry the paws look weird, I was trying to do the heart thing but with paw and it looks kinda weird- I'll re-do it later I guess
  8. Most of the classes were pretty boring, she was pretty sure she would just zone out.
  9. They sighed in relief She took a second to sit down and catch her breath
  10. She left the house as fast as she could and took off towards school.
  11. . . . "Uh oh" She got up and got ready as fast as she could. They did not want to be late again.
  12. >:[ She opened her eyes and looked around, making sure she was at home, where she actually fell asleep.
  13. "Explain, weird tree." They growled, smoke emitting from their nostrils. (dw I won't burn it, she just angy teen)
  14. (May I commit arson, too?) "The what?!?!?" Wildfire was getting angrier by the second.
  15. Oh Wildfire would like to bully please she would also like arson give wildfire arson
  16. "Well why would you tell us it is???" She said with a slight growl
  17. "What-" They seemed to be a mix of both angry and confused Why did she even have to be apart of this?
  18. Green

    SFS art

    Potential future pmvs and stuff? mainly wanted to practice some thumbnails But I've had these ideas for a long time now so maybe Loved (A clover and Quartz PMV) Finale (Can't Wait To See What You'll Do Next) (A green PMV)
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