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  1. 5 hours ago, Polly said:

    i really just want to do something hermitcrafty related on my realm

    no lore, no plot, just c h i l l

    2 options.

    1. creative mode

    2. survival mode and A N A R C H Y

    as in you get to grief anything

  2. 2 hours ago, TundraKitsune said:


    Ok, I know it probably doesn't seem like it to any of you, as I've been around the forums somewhat, but to me, it really FEELS like I'm back after a long time

    Let me explain

    So, basically, the laptop that I used for a couple years stopped working on me. Not going into details, partly because I myself barely know why it happened, but yeah, my computer died and I was very sad :.(

    Luckily, my dad's old laptop still works very well, despite being wayyy older than my previous one. No idea how that works, but hey, I'm not complaining!

    So, my dad recovered the hard drive of my old computer and over the past few days, has transferred the files from my old computer onto his old one. during that time I used someone else's computer (and my phone, of course) temporarily. The file transfer is finally done, and I have a computer of my own once again! :.D

    TL;DR, old computer committed die, we were sad, now have new (but still technically old) computer, we are happy again

    I have an old computer, I got it few years ago.

    as long as has up to date system(windows or equivalent) It good good like wood wood.

  3. 3 minutes ago, RaanaTheBanana said:

    tbh i havent been playing too many video games as of late…

    minecraft is kewl, i played stardew valley a few weeks ago and that games fun

    slime rancher is nice, although ive done a lot of things in that game so its sorta hard to find something new to do

    anddd niche ofc :]

    there's gonna be a slime rancher 2.

    Games I play daily kinda: Minecraft, Megaman X,

    other games I play: Stardew valley, Raft, (continuing later)

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  4. On 4/8/2019 at 5:54 PM, UWOaether said:

    That's true. but you worked so hard on it... I cannot give a thing up I worked up... unless if its school work. I'd be happy to give it up. (I mean once it's done)

    If you're making a game, it's essentially school work, but without the school.

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