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  1. yubby. I got that by typing some gibberish and turning it into something seiogwah. or that one.
  2. I like all of the tobuscus songs, and everything from undertale. and terraria. I think that's it.
  3. uhhhhhhhh.. chicken nugget biscuit nugget in a bicuit!
  4. that's fine, just know I won't be able to on friday through tuesday. feel free to tell me if you would like to though.
  5. what about one of the other games?
  6. I'm bored of lava fishing. can someone help.
  7. Zixvir

    obscure games

    pfffffft. there is a game on steam called changed. it's interesting.
  8. am I supposed to know? I don't watch dream smp.
  9. Zixvir


    I have watched merg play that mod now. kudos to whoever made the art. and thank you for sharing it.
  10. Zixvir

    clean memes

    ohh, because forum rules already prevents it? uhhh. yeah Idk. but I think it works for advertising.
  11. Zixvir


    !?!?!??!!? *confusion noises*
  12. ???? :)) (the second one is a chin)
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