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  1. OH YEAH one of my friends are aslo joining
  2. ooh you should make a song which is mixed all of those songs like this one for example it has a bunch of other songs mixed in so first you gotta mix spring heeled jack and bill watterson to get spring heeled waterson (or another one) then mix in jaws, the ocean, and something glowing as leitmotifs
  3. you'd like dangerouslyfunny on youtube ooh well Iguess I'm finnaly gonna watch ddsmp for real
  4. oh wow no you didn't see the orb cutscene try playing a bit more of waterfall it wanted you to do that but maybe your pitch is off you should also try doing things with the umbrella oh you thought you were gonna get shot no it's not you weren't supposed to do that don't worry tem village is actually cool once you get there I didnt realize it could be drugs when I did it hmmm you'll have a fun time replaying undertale ahahahha oooh yeah here in undertale that weird character is probably like ralsei anime wut noo!? /lh hmmm yeah cherynobyl which one
  5. Zixvir


    so here's an idea if you want all of it to fit together you can use reincarnation to have all of the duskclans be one story
  6. it's a onesie suit besides, the tail makes up for it
  7. wait what game is this ooh whats this from? 😀 Dream smp I'm gonna go watch that this be hittin different after deltarune dream smp I guess lol
  8. aka this means we don't change the number but now I'm subtract aka we get the starting vote
  9. hmmm I'll add and next person who comes on has to subtract 101
  10. Zixvir

    eppers spawn day

    is it spawn onto forum or onto earth
  11. is it takkL isIand or takki isIand I spelt isLand with an "I" so it's isiand
  12. could you explain dogsong look for temmie village it's cool. it's in the maze section of waterfall scan the wall by walking diagonal then bamm you're there. *are idk I didn't really think about how life works the key sold at the core works here you're blue daba dee daba die,daba dee daba die dabadee daba die daba die. be nice which really means anything other than kill. or not it doesn't matter it's your first run you should try doing multiple runs oof don't worry undyne is smart and will always kill you. did you SEE the orb?
  13. play it yourself the snowgrave route wasn't sad for me because I watched nintendo direct. but seriously it'll be fun.
  14. I have idea to trauma peppercorn by give conduit but peppercorn die soon so use it on pepercorn after die to add more trauma
  15. record it anyways you don't need microphone pfff AHAHHAH just hold the esc button to quit so that when you open the game it actually goes to the title o no huh. yey owhfowiejofi
  16. emkay or a simalar channel? (deelee, memenade etc.)
  17. ooooh now we get to create custom bosses. now we get super op bossbar zombie?
  18. Zixvir


    hopefully my computer isn't taken. we'll see goodbye
  19. Zixvir


    does anyone wanna play dst or any multiplayer games
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