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  1. I might have time right now
  2. it's a game that I have on the wii, and the backstory is there is forbidden love between a snow goddess and a common boy and he falls ill, so the goddess gets medicene
  3. Zixvir

    Among Us

    I have it on ipad
  4. Zixvir

    scrap mechanic

    I play it I would like to play with freinds
  5. a part that converts heat to energy, it generates heat but takes it away from other parts, it also generates energy
  6. so this post also affects any thing that spins. buzz saws will be split into 2 parts, the chain, and the motor. the motorized hinge should have an adjustable size so that your wheels can be big and small there should be different parts so i'm gonna list motorized hinge (changes): the motorized hinge now also have adjustable size and speed and can act like a flipper that can go 360 degrees and setting it to 360 will let it act like normal. free hinge(changes): adjustable size and can have a limit to speed and can act like a flipper that can go 360 degrees and setting it to 360 will let it act like normal elastic chord: you can put wheels over this and can be placed on 2 or more motorized or free hinges, and can over lap on it's self and maybe a tested warning to say it may make your drone unstable by making the elastic chord attached to to many hinges or being overlapped to many times buzz saw chain: put this on a motorized hinge to turn it into a buzz saw with an adjustable size and cannot go on elastic chord. tract: like elastic chord, but it is a wheel that cannot go on elastic chord and has a limit of four hinges. tire: adjustable size, can go on elastic chord or plain hinge and will create car wheels this would probably be the most common and maybe start with it. sticky tire: short version, a tire that sticks to walls long version, adjustable size, can go on elastic chord or plain hinge and sticks to wall and ceiling. mountain wheels: like tires but it also flattens terrain so it won't stop rolling, it will also damage enemies because of the spikeys it won't get caught on terrain if it goes backwards. if you have any additional ideas or are just confused, just tell me and i will roll it fixed.
  7. twin tails would duplicate the stats of your other tail. it would give your nicheling 2 of their other tail. if you get double twin tails it would result in 4 four tail witch would do minus 2 cold resistance and +2 heat resistance twin tails would be located in a new special spot in the middle of the tail menu in order to get this gene you have to do do 2 things 1. invite someone with this gene to your tribe 2. have twins(for added difficulty have them both have the same tails(for more added difficulty they both have to have twin tails))
  8. if you didn't already guess this idea comes from sonic
  9. Zixvir

    second gene menu

    not all the slots would have to be used, their use could be added overtime through updates
  10. Zixvir

    second gene menu

    the first gene menu has head, fur, tail, ear etc. genes I think there should be another one with different things
  11. Zixvir

    second gene menu

    am I the first person to think of this, and if so, why?
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