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    is eating his costume even after halloween because yum

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  1. hero-brine. brine is water but supersalty hero=hero so a brine hero. though I'm pretty sure its herobrian.
  2. what if you combine it with the other creepy disc? my username is Zixvir. I would like to join. But maybe we should check minecraft files to find herobrine instead.
  3. Zixvir


    what could you be guessing days for if you're trying to see when to meet someone. I don't know, do you?
  4. sorry. I don't have time to watch it sadly.
  5. well no, you just read my post, so you would have to piece it from that. what does sadn mean? oh wait, SAND. hmmm... well i'm guessing normal bushes. if living: I get out of the sand and onto my many roots I'll walk with. I attack by spinning in a circle "laying down" where I'm in that position, but my roots are on the ground. I can plant myself, and look like the rest of the normal ones. I can kick sand with my roots. I can grow berries, and probably plant them, but maybe they don't grow unless pollinated. with the berries I can lure
  6. "Benson bluntly stated, even though he sounded like a kid trying to not sound hurt after commiting big ouchy on slide."
  7. 2 things, it's java, and I'll need your username.
  8. Zixvir

    obscure games

    wait it's out? I just found it on steam randomly.
  9. well uhhh, you made yourself, standing the same. I guess you could try alch- wait, I don't want you to become too powerful.
  10. "so lets go back to our favorite friend fma!" note: it's not a perfect imitation
  11. Zixvir


    now they don't count as kittens BUT THEY FLOOF.
  12. Zixvir


    I once also had kittens! 2 moved to my other house, one was given away, and we keep the first one where I am now.
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