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  1. so basically a pvp with all the materials available including the factory but to balance it you can only use 1 factory part all other parts allowed then you can controll your drone and it will be the most epic thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. am i the only one who is multiple charictars at one time
  3. Zixvir

    fawn ears

    sorry i made that i was really sleepy when i said it should add imunities so please just ignore that or teach me how too delete the text
  4. Zixvir

    food types

    and milk would be produced when a baby niche ling has been born by the mother of that niche ling also please help me put this on the post because whenever i have a great idea when i explain it very few people understand.
  5. Zixvir

    food types

    you could select wich nichelings eat what other wise they would eat what ever they aren't allergic to
  6. Zixvir

    food types

    why did this get down vote?
  7. here it is tap the top right to jump to the link!
  8. Zixvir

    food types

    so maybe when you tap on the food tab you can see the different types of food you have but for example if there is poisen berry than the niche ling that eats it will get poisoned if it has no poison Resistance but this shouldn't replace the poison Resistance needed to harvest poison berrys also there could be mammal milk that only baby niche-lings can eat. feel free to add on if you like!
  9. well i'm gonna make a post and it will be game changing i'll post it in a sec'.
  10. Zixvir


    this has to happen
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