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  1. hmmm... would it be a timed quiz? would it be like jeapordy with buzzer? (how fast you can type and hit post) Or would it just be a "normal" "boring" quiz where it's waiting for everybody to answer the questions. And you just wait until the answers are in. We need a name for your game show.
  2. yeah I wanna be a co-host. What would I do as a contestant or a co-host?
  3. hmmm... what is the quiz? I HAVE THE PERFECT MUSIC! *it's basically our equivalent to jeapordy, we could also use kahoot theme, or even use kahoot to do the quiz.*
  4. 3 things: RaINbOW nICheLINGS! why is there a random 8 above the nest? Why does the number 10 look squished? (on the berry bushes, that look about to burst, or they have GIANT BERRY'S and shriveled berry's.)
  5. and these. https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/ https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/
  6. made this:https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/
  7. well instead of doing type based gyms, we have gyms with multiple types. The gym with grass is grass water. which will either include watering plants, or lilypad puzzles. Hmmm... Sounds a bit too dramatic, but it-. Actually, I was only thinking that because it was fairy type, but actually, it quite makes sense. I'll and make some musice. ??? Music?
  8. well, the brain can't actually focus on more than one thing at once. Also, this is just a fun fact, so yeah. The brain can only consciously foces on one thing at a time. So "multitasking" is actually the brains ability to automate things and swicth between consciously doing things quickly. The brain can switch between doing things very quickly, but doing this does lower overall focus. Maybe the ADD does it the other way around, lowering focus, and giving your brain more speed. The brain can also automate things, this is how you breath, but it can also automate hand movements, this is
  9. hmmm... maybe you could post those kind of things at your homethread.
  10. Zixvir


    post your creepy pasta here. Not to confused with creepypastas, which are scary stories. I want pasta, that is creepy here. I want creepy-pasta, not creepypasta.
  11. Minty the mouse in her burrow. She is not the kind of mouse that hibernates, as doormice do. But, she is still eating pumpkin croissant,
  12. Zixvir


    there wasn't a playlist so I just posted the channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Petscop/videos?pbjreload=102
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