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    I just realized that this would produce all kinds of mechanizims, we just need the right shape (pun not intended) or maybe things need to be more equilateral, if we have all the types of triangle, we could create most of the shapes,
  2. Zixvir


    triangles, there could be other types of triangle, you are thinking of a crevice triangle, these could create gaps that can fit something really cool
  3. Zixvir

    Ask Sky

    how do you type in the corner, example from someone else, I bolded the text I am talking about Gūguru Hon'yaku Weird Ashley™ is she/her NicheMobileTester 8,239
  4. I might not be able to manage that much as I have alot of notifacations to sort through
  5. does anyone want tech, you change later if there isn't too big of a gap to fill in, you also get to choose witch universe to be in, so I don't know where to put you or if you want to change because I have to many notifacations, so I might not respond because I might not be on the computer but logged in... I check at the end of the day where I live though, US/Canada time
  6. I give you next morning to think, I don't want to be the leader, so I could be seccond in command, if it helps you make desicions
  7. it needs the fluff, I hope the art can get better than the prototype, not to insult, sorry.
  8. @VankirvanJD link the posts I don't know how to link things
  9. link the camel hump post @VankirvanJD
  10. let us tally the amount of XD's not including this reply lol
  11. I edited the post at just the right time because before it said warrior.XD
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