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  1. sorry for the lack of updates recently, sometimes i stay up till 3am playing feral instead haha and sometimes i lose interest and then i gain interest and then im busy with drawing and then-[my brain: STOP RAMBLING] me:ok
  2. ooh! i like this! right now i only have one goddess, Sahara, the goddess of the savanna. im still working on her story, but the main point is, she was abandoned by her tribe when she was just a baby and couldn't move in the scorching heat of the savannah. the reason why her whole tribe had to evacuate the island and leave was because a giant wildfire started up the day Sahara was born. so she spent most of her life looking after the young ones in the savanna, making sure that they are never abandoned by anyone. Now, many generations later after her death, all the tribes see her as the nurturing goddess that looks down over the young of the tribes and makes sure they grow up well. but, if the tribe crosses her by, say, abandoning one of their young for any reason, or not caring for them, or hurting them, it is said she will be consumed with anger and set a wildfire near the tribe as a warning. most tribes take it seriously. others who do not will most likely have some members get killed. the fires she sets never hurt young nichelings or nichelings that never did wrong, hovever. (but the tribes don't know this, some young nichelings do, but it's rare that they do know) aaand that's her story lol hope you like it! ^^ and also here's her picture, yes this is her as a child, no she did not die as a child, you can just age her up haha
  3. I'm not sure if this has already been reported or not, this nest is locked, but instead of showing what level I need to be to unlock it, it instead says no nicheling is living here is this on purpose to stop people progressing too far or a bug?
  4. so when do we get access to the game to test it? or is it not ready for testing yet just wondering an where would the links be sent? through email?
  5. @Sky yes, thank you, my bad lol i didnt know there was a feature req part of the forums, so my bad lol
  6. here we have two lesbians and their child 💖
  7. first, i got these two gorgeous sons that i like to imagine play-fight like how real life deer fight lol and then i got this spotty boy in the jungle and along with the two twins, he is also my son
  8. i love the way this nicheling looks so much 🥰 and when the screen tints blue, you know you're in for a fun time 😅
  9. (1) let's see here, we have 3 ports from this mountain, peaceful, dead, and close to dead :^) oh, I also got a new nicheling with mega horns! time to fight off balance bears and hope i don't die lol (my nicheling count usually gets out of hand since i breed too much rip)
  10. so, there are certain genes in-game that to unlock for the mutation menu, you need to travel to certain islands. reasonable, right? i agree. but the problem i have is that the genes that need an island to unlock, don't tell you or give any hints as to what island you need to travel to to unlock it at all, they just say "travel to new islands" so can we please have them give us some hints as to what island we need to travel to to unlock them? just a suggestion so we dont have to go to the wiki to find out what island we need to go to lol
  11. i have a Samsung galaxy S9, i would like to apply for the mobile beta testing i want i beta test so that way i can be a part (in a different way) of helping stray fawn make this game, because i love playing niche on my computer for hours on end ^^ and i promise that if i get accepted, i will not share the download link with ANYONE
  12. fanart for: (spoilers for wings of fire book 10) fun fact: this is my first lineless piece! i had fun doing this with the map's style and colour pallette! ^^ also, not entirely sure if this is the right place to post this, since it's not niche art, but i'll post it here so i dont need to make a new art thread
  13. fun fact: i forget to name my nichelings because im lazy, uncreative with names, and also i tend to breed a lot and end up with 20 nichelings lol only one picture in this post bc i didn't play much and i drew all night instead lol here we have my two favorite ladies whose names i forgot with their bearyena children 🥰 (don't mind the dodomingo in the corner, this generation of the tribe are the first in the tribe known to play with baby dodmingos instead of hurting them like previous generations ^^')
  14. ohhh, there we go, the game wanted one to stay on with 0 nichelings thanks!
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