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  1. I like this suggestion! Could help you optimize how many fuel cells / batteries you need.
  2. I was imagining it would be against another drone, but a timed version could work too!
  3. Yes, "save as new drone" would also be awesome!
  4. An asynch multiplayer tournament type specifically for collecting resources (similar to how you'd mine in the single-player mode).
  5. A new tournament option for fighting, similar to brawler but without restrictions on weapon type, would be amazing!
  6. If this gets implemented, a cool next step could be launch-able double-sided tethers to tangle up your opponents!
  7. The resource collection container takes away all of your visibility when you're inside of it. Due to this and the little 'lips' the top portion of the container has, it is easy to get stuck inside the container momentarily as you try to figure out which direction you're facing based solely on your movement. If you could just barely see through the container while you're inside, it would be much easier to navigate outside of it.
  8. If you forget to make a duplicate of a drone and do extensive work to it, you may want to drop all the changes you have made.
  9. Right now, the order of which batteries, fuel tanks (...capacitors, etc...) drain first is based entirely on the order in which they are added to the drone. In some cases you may want a certain part to get used before another. I think the option to prioritize which parts fuel and energy comes from would be extremely helpful!
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