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  1. *bearyena Lol you can see a dead dodomingo
  3. Wowza, looks like stuff sure changed! I'm glad that the savannah project hasn't had too many issues.
  4. Day #8. Pear is pregnant again and has moved to the nest. Pandy is growing up. He is now moving around the island. Day #9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! PEAR HAD TWINS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Two healthy males, Red and Lemon. A young nicheling burst out of the bushes as well, but rather then attacking her Pear decided to protect the baby. Sniff is still gathering from his bush. Our researchers are signing off for a bit, but well be back soon enough.
  5. Day #6. Sniff has stopped collecting berries to see his child. Pear has shown Pandy how to dig up roots. Day #7. The rouge female has continued to take berries. Pear has gotten fed up and attacked her, winning the fight and killing her.
  6. Our drone ran out of power... We don't have any pictures of Day #3, but we can fill you in from the videos! Pear got her first roots, and it turns out shes pregnant. Sniff ran into another female in the bushes, however he has just continued to gather his berries. Day #4. Pear has had a child! Pandy is a healthy child with his mothers claws and horns! See the pictures below. Day #5. Pandy is growing well. Sniff is still gathering his berries.
  7. We have flown Pear and Sniff out to the Savannah. The island we chose is fairly large. Day #1. The nichelings have found a nest under the shade of a tree as well as a berry bush. Day #2. Pear and Sniff are getting along well.
  8. This is Sniff. He was originally from the savannah, however a fire destroyed most of his home there. The grasses have begun to regrow and we can finally return him with Pear.
  9. This is the lifespan of most of the nichelings from the area.
  10. Alright! I will write back soon with our creatures.
  11. You have inspired me to try this. Can I join TNPP? If the answer is yes, I would like to do a study of how creatures live on the hot savanas.
  12. sneak snok >:O haha not super aaravos realated but still looks AMAZING
  13. They only released 3 seasons so far :< but the SAGA IS COMING!!! They got greenlit for 4 more seasons
  14. DUDE YOUR STUDENTS SOUND REALLY LUCKY. I love niche and wish i could play it during school ;n;
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