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  1. PROJECT 2.0 RECORDING LOGS - DAY 2 #002 has began to walk through the grasses. #001 found a rabbil burrow. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 3 #002 came across two nests! This is the perfect birthing area, and her baby will be coming soon. #001 is chasing a rabbil on the beach. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 4 #002 has cleared some grass from the area. #001 has killed a rabbil and went back into the grasses.
  2. PROJECT 2.0 RECORDING LOGS - DAY 0 We finally got a chance to restart this project! The department got more funding for protective gear, so we hopefully shouldn't need to worry about Killer Bearyna's anymore. We haven't been on this island in forever, but we managed to find a pair of bearynas. We'll be studying them for now. We'll be calling them #001 and #002 (No nicknames this time, supervisor kept getting confused last time :<) The plane is landing soon, so i'll be back in a bit! RECORDING LOGS - DAY 0 Alright, we've landed. The two bearynas we chose are a breeding pair, so that's good. They're traveling up a part of the beach together, a rarer sight when it comes to bearynas. Night is falling, and it's getting late. We're still setting up cameras, but i'll be back in the morning. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 1 #001 and #002 have mated and set off on their seperate ways. #002 is searching for a nest while #001 is scenting for prey.
  3. Due to unfortunate circumstances, this project is being abandoned. We may come back to the island some day, but we currently cannot due to rising Killer Bearyna sightings.
  4. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 19 #004 has had her lovely baby! Another handsome little son, similar to #005 but with a darker mane. #002 is still wandering off. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 20 #004 has started to set out towards #002. #005 is older now, and he is watching his young brother. #003 has run a mad dash across #004's campsite and found a wandering nichling (male). #004 caught up to #002 and mated again, much to his total confusion. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 21 #003 has found love! We have dubbed this new male #007. #003 is now setting off to find her secluded nesting site. #007 seems content to keep an eye on #005 and #006. #004 has made her way back to her nest after #002 gave her some crabbit meat. #001 destroyed a toxic bush.
  5. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 16 #002 killed a dodomingo to give #004 her nest. #004 destroyed a berry bush (Beric Baxin) and begun nesting again. #005 is playing nearby. #003 is now a adult! It seems her mother has wandered away in the night, and #003 seems happy enough for the chance to explore alone. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 17 #003 positioned herself on a stump for a little bit trying to spot rabbits. #001 crossed a river and scared a mole. #004 cleared some grass from her nest. #002 killed a rabbit and came across a crabbit. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 18 #001 killed a rabbit and found a crabbit. #003 is wandering closer to #004's settlement. #002 seems to be wandering away from #004 again.
  6. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 13 #002 has killed the rival bearyna. #004's baby will be born soon. #001 and #003 are traveling north, at a healthy pace with yet another bunnel killed. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 14 Our favorite mommy-daughter duo has moved to the river. Our guess is that #001 wants to teach #003 some fishing. #004's son has been born! Adorable little #005. He inherited his fathers claws, but he has a big nose and a strikingly red mane. Almost as cute as little #003. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 15 #003 bumped into a large bearyna. #001 dove to her rescue, giving the rival male a blow across the face and a swift growl. #003 copied her mum. Together they managed to kill him. I suppose fishing lessons will need to wait. #004 mated with #002 again, much to his slight confusion.
  7. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 10 Oh my. #002 found a female nichling in the grasses with the rare heat body and a fluffy tail, most likely the stinky tail trait. We'll be dubbing her #004. #002 seems to have mated with her although she does not look much like the other diluted hybrids. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 11 #003 is now older! #001 has shown her how to hunt. #002 has destroyed a berry bush and is wandering away from #004. #004 is trying to find a nest. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 12 #002 has ran back to #004 after hearing a rival bearyna's growl during the night. #004 has positioned herself on a nest. #003 and her mum are having a good bunny hunt. #003 is learning well.
  8. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 7 Nothing much is happening. #002 is back on the rabbil hunt. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 8 Another blue bird is above. #001 has given her daughter some more berries from a common nontoxic bush (Beric Buren) #002 seems to have scented something odd. He is still hunting. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 9 #002 has had quite a eventful day! He caught another mole and found a nest. He still seems agitated.
  9. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 4 #001 has plonked herself right down and made a nest! She ran into a red nichling, but scared him off. #002 was chasing a rabbit, no success hunting so far. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 5 Ahhh! Baby!! #001 has had a adorable little daughter who looks almost just like her! VERY CUTE. #001 heard a bird's cry, so it seems like she is determained to stay close to her baby. She destroyed her nest. #002's wild rabbit chase led him to a yummy mole, and he finally succeded in hunting, if only by chance! So. Proud. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 6 Little #003 has started to toddle away from her mum! Too bad #001 can keep up with her. #001 stumbled across a bush, the less commen toxic variety. She made quick work of it, probably for nesting materials. #002 warded off a leech.
  10. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 1 ARRIVAL We're here, at the island dubbed "Killer Island" It seems... Pretty normal, actually. Ooh, ooh, something is happening from the single drone we set up! Looks like #001 and #002 are making their way into the grasses. Well, that's unfortunate. We haven't been able to set up the cameras yet, so hopefully we don't miss anything too exciting. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 2 SEPARATION Looks like #001 and #002 parted ways during the night. Well, that's a bit unfortunate. ........#001 appears to be pregnant. Nothing else is going on. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 3 Well, #001's baby will be coming fairly soon. A bunch of cameras have been set up, so we can see a lot more now. #002 appears to be exploring around.
  11. (This is open for anybody to join in and add their studies, whether it be of Bearynas, Blue Birds, Crabbits, Nichlings, Ramfoxes, various flora, etc! Only rule is that if you decide to study another creature, you must try to mimic it and it's stats as best as possible. Try setting your life stages to their lifespans, and have them behave similarly. For example, "bearynas" raise their children to adulthood and only seek out a mate to breed with when their child is a adult. They are loners.) You go to the university of the Great Chain Studies. There, you learn and research about the various fauna and flora located on the islands in the chain. Recently, you were selected for bearyna study! You're super excited to begin the studies. RECORDING LOGS - DAY 1 Well, unfortunatly I wasn't chosen for drone duty... Only notetaking, but whatever! Nobody needs pictures! This'll be great anyways. A few years back a couple of bearyna-nichling hybrids were found. Unfortunatly, most of them disappeared, but a few generations down we now have two! The first subject is a female we've nicknamed Moo, even though her official name is #001. Very creative, I know. The male we're releasing is nicknamed O2, but his official name is #002. We'll be releasing them onto a island bearynas appear to be very common on. Well, the flight will be done in a bit, so i'll boot the recording logs back up once we've released the bearynas.
  12. I think the family tree is a bit stark. Heres some suggestions to spruce it up. 1. Pantheon/Saved beloved nichlings menu This could be accessed from the main menu of family tree. You add nichlings in game using the family tree by basiclly clicking on their icon and clicking a button that says save nichling permanantly. From then on, they would show up there. You can always delete nichlings from your Beloved Nichling Menu. This is just something I think people would like, like if they wanted to save their Eve or starters, or a nichling that does something cool 2. Blurbs I know part of the fun of niche is totally the stories you can think of for your creatures! This would be like a little bio button you could write a short thing in to use as a story thing, or as a place to store information like: Vandukduk: Has good babies with Rekoko. *DON'T MATE HIM WITH ISRE, RECESSIVE BLINDNESS* That thing, etc. 3. Dead branch. Do I have to explain much? A family tree branch for dead ancestors. I know this would be painful to code, but yeah. 4. The ability to highlight genetics. Basiclly you could click your nichlings genetic (for example i'm saying scorpion tail) If you left click scorpion tail, it would tell you what it does. If you left click, that gene will be highlighted in all times you click that nichling. This would also expand the search gene feature, it would highlight the gene you look like out of the family as well.
  13. Wowza, looks like stuff sure changed! I'm glad that the savannah project hasn't had too many issues.
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